Top no load mutual funds

No-load mutual funds usually give you the chance to buy or sell mutual funds share without having to incur a commission. This basically leaves you with more assets which can be subsequently used for investment purposes. For investors, it is always their aim to get the best of this funds within the shortest period. This brings about the concept of the best no load mutual funds in the market.

It is worthy to note that the included table has not included funds, which have more than $500 minimum initial investment.

The above table has a domination of funds, which are found in the pacific region. This is only with the exception of Hennessey Japan small Cap Fund Inv. All the above funds, which are from the pacific region, belong to the China growth, which has emerged as a dominant market in term of mutual funds investment. Japan mutual funds category is the top gainer after it has a first half rate of return higher than China, which is ranked third.

China has a strong start in the second quarter but the start of June was characterized with a crash. This was as China Bull Run ended momentarily the government action were quick in order to prevent the falling to catastrophic levels.

Shangai stock exchange fell about 18% on June until the start of the second half. Though this fall was termed as large, China still on the top five position which shows that the markets is still strong. Some of the funds which were more successful in China include Mathews china dividend, AllianzGI China Fund , Invesco Greater China Y RS Greater China ,RCHKX among others.

The health sector within this area was one of the highest gainer. Fidelity select biotechnology, Eventide health and life Science made to the list. Both these mutual funds are usually ranked highly by different ranking groups.

The list was also made up of the small growth category. Some of the funds in this category include: Emerging Growth portfopio , Oberweis Emerging Growth portfolio , OBMCX. all these funds have a strong rating in their category.

It is important to note that cost, which are usually associated with mutual funds usually, have a larger impact n the overall performance of the fund. A high charge for a fund can result in ultimate loss. This can affect the performance of the fund making it not to appear as a top rated fund though it deserves to be in the least. Some of the common charges, which strongly affect these, include:

Front end sales load

This is a fee, which is paid by an investor during the investment period. This fee is usually deducted when from the amount being invested. The remaining is used for the investment purposes

Back end sales loads

These are fees, which is paid when an investor is selling their investment. This is categorized as a deferred sales charge. These are usually deducted while one is redeeming the fund shares.