Top mutual funds to buy

Investing in top mutual funds is characterized with the advantage of high returns and low risk levels. For most investors, this is what they seek hence the reason why a majority of them invests in top mutual funds. The following are some of the top mutual funds.

VanGuard 500 Index INV

This fund has been listed among the top 10 mutual funds because of its low expense ratio which is about 0.17. the market average is approximately 1.08%. this basically means that when funds appreciates , you get the chance of making profits at a higher percentage. This fund has also diversified across all sectors and has a 1.7% dividend yield. This fund is ideal for individuals who want to invest over long periods of time.

Fidelity Select Health Care Portfolio

This fund has an expense ratio of about 0.76 this is vs. 1.43% for the average within this category. This fund has fully focused on healthcare funds hence the ability to maintain the low expense ratio. This fund has been around since 1981 giving you a much secure feeling. When it was new in the market it traded at around $10 but it is currently trading at $237.long term investment in this fund is exceptional.

Vanguard Dividend Growth INV

This is the place for investors aiming to have an exposure with companies, which are capable of increasing their dividends and also growing their income by large percentages. This fund has an expense ratio of about 0.31 which is better than the category average at 1.08. This means you are in a position of keeping more profits than most funds can allow you.

FPA Cresent

The management of this funds are more concerned with long stock and bonds. Most of the investments are oriented towards real estate. This fund also keeps significant capital in cash waiting of the ideal time to invest in when the time comes. The expense ratio for this fund is 1.14% vs. a 0.94% for this category. This expense ratio is definitely high but there is a small yield of approximately 0.88%.

Loomis Sayles Bond Retail

The expense ratio for this fund is 0.91 this is barely below the average for the category, which is 1.03%. The best thing about this fund is that it offer a diversification around different sectors. This fund is good when allocating capital in your portfolio. It has a current yield of 3.97%

Primecap Odessey Growth

This fund has a tendency to invest in companies, which display above average results. It also has a large diversification base which offer security. It has an expense ratio of approximately 0.63, which is better than the category average, which is at 1.2 %. It also has a 0.59% dividend yield, which is significant.

Fidelity Strategic Dividend and income

Approximately half of the fund assets are invested in dividend paying stocks, the remaining has been invested in convertible securities, real estate investment and preferred stocks. The expense ratio for this fund is about 0.74 while that for this category is 0.85. This fund is currently yielding a 2.69%.