Top mutual funds in India

Large numbers of mutual funds characterizes India. There are different types and sizes of these companies. The following include some of the mutual funds, which display impressive results.

Franklin India Smaller Companies Fund

This fund was initiated with the main objective being to generate long-term capital appreciation. This is from small-cap companies to mid-cap companies. This funds invest approximately 75% of its funds on small companies. The set benchmark during the creation of this fund has been surpassed and this fund is currently providing about 24% annual return. This is definitely one of the best funds to invest in within the mid-cap section when you are investing for mid durations that is 8-10 years.

ICICI pru Focussed Blue Chip Fund

This fund was formed with the main objective being to invest in over 20 large companies. This was from the 200 stocks, which are listed on the NSE board. The objective of this fund would result in alteration of its assets across more than 1000 cores, which is being achieved currently. This fund is providing an annual return of over 17% for the last five years. This fund it one of the best to invest in over long periods of 10-20 years.

HDFC Top 200 Funds

This fund was created with the intention of seeking capital appreciation. It was to invest 90% in equity while the remainder would be invested in debt instruments. The stocks were and are selected according to the companies in the BSE 200 index and also large capitalized companies within India. This fund is currently generating about 15 % annualized return for the past five years. This fund is best for investors investing for periods over 10 years.

ICICI Prudential Value Discovery Funds

This is an open-ended diversified equity fund scheme which has the main objective as to provide long term cap growth by making investment in a diversified portfolio of the company. This fund is ranked as no one in the diversified equity category.

DSP BlackRock Micro Cap Fund – Regular Plan (G)

This is an open ended diversified equity growth which was started with the main objective being to generate long term capital appreciation from a portfolio which is made of equity and equity related securities which are to 300 companies within the market capitalization. This scheme is ranked as the 1 in small and mid-cap companies.

SBI Blue chip Fund

This fund was started with the main intention being to provide opportunities for long-term growth in capital through an active management of funds in a diversified basket of equity stock of is ranked as being number one in the large cap category.

UTI Mid Cap Fund

This fund was formed with the main objective of providing capital appreciation by investing in mid cap stocks. It is an open-ended equity fund, which is currently providing 23% annualized returns for the last five years. This fund is best for investors investing over 8 years.