Top 10 mutual funds companies

Finding the best mutual fund companies can be hard since there are numerous companies in the industry. The best thing is that there are various indicators which can be used so that we can categories different companies. These indicators include a mutual fund offering a variety of choices, expense ratio, investment philosophy and the experience of the management. Through this indicates the following companies have emerged as some of the best companies.

Vanguard Group

This group offers simple, low cost and diverse mutual funds. Since the introduction of these group they have always used the do it yourself mentality in investing. John C Jack advocated for the common sense investing strategy, which has somehow paid off in an effective manner as these group has been constantly growing. Boggle also uses the philosophy that all information concerning investment cannot be used to give investor an edge over other investor’s wince they have already been factored in the pricing of this security. One of the oldest funds within this group is the Wellington Fund and the best know fund within the group is the Vanguard 500 Index. This has an index which mirrors any movement of security within it.

Fidelity Investment

This is one of the best companies in term of providing retirement services and products. These include IRAs and plan for individuals and also for the business. This company was founded in 1946 and has one of the largest multinational financial service corporations in the globe. This company is publicly owned and this has affect it overall philosophy. One of the main objective of these company is to attract lots of investors and that the reason it has more adverting than other similar companies do. In 1980’s it was one of the largest funds in the world. It grew from $20 million in terms of assets to $ 13 billion. Fidelity Contra fund is one of the best performing fund within this company.

T.Rowe price

Thomas Rowe Price founded this group in 1937. It was based on the growth of stock through the philosophy of investing. This focused on the stocks of companies, which were expected to have a higher growth rate than others. Rowe is favored among investors who use the do it yourself philosophy. Rowe price growth stock fund is one of the biggest mutual fund within the company. T.Rowe price Health Science is one of the best performing in the sector fund.

Pacific Investment Management Company

This company was founded by legendary William H.Gross. This company manages PIMCO Total Return which is one of the largest mutual fund within the globe. This company also has Harbor Bond and Bill gross Investment Outlook from Pimco.