Top 10 Search Engine Optimization

When you keep to all the rules for SEO, your site will definitely rank much higher than the static site web pages in the search engine results pages.

Read and then apply some of our helpful tips and SEO tricks to get your site and blog posts ranked for the keywords of your selection.

Use your main keyword in the blog domain. Using the primary keyword in the title of your blog is one of the most significant ranking factors. Whether you are have bought the separate domain name for your blog posts or you, have decided to host it on a blogging service, make sure that your URL contains the major keyword you are optimizing for.

Optimizing the permalinks is the next thing to do. Ensure that your major keyword or phrases appear in your blog headers, and also in every title of all your posts.

Make use of the keywords and insert them appropriately into your blog content. Be care full not to overdo it, the keywords should not appear too many times and not too less. If you overdo this, you might end up with unnatural and irrelevant blogs.You can end up getting less attention from search engines and visitors.

Mobilize your blog posts. Because many internet users are using their mobile devices and tablets to perform online searches, you must make sure that readers can access you site on mobile devices. You can do this by using a responsive theme that adapts your blog posts’ design to the device it is being viewed on.

Build a Google Sitemap. Plan your blogs well so that the navigation side menu is visible on each web page. All your archives and past posts should be accessible from every page of your blog so that they can be easily traced by the search bots of search engines.

Find and obtain backlinks from other sites or blogs. Getting quality backlinks is the secret; however you must have created quality content to get quality in exchange. Moreover, there are some methods you can follow to acquire backlinks and build links to boost your online visibility.

Update your website content frequently.Search engines and readers are fond of fresh content. According to recent research done, by Hubspot, the more you post new content, the higher the chances of getting frequents visits from search engines and readers.

Keep to your calling. You can end up losing your readers if you choose to change your domain name. Changing your URLS should be done with a lot of care and in the first place you must have done enough research, so you don’t need to keep changing them.

Nurture your social media community-The social media shares are a great ranking factor for SEO.It is never a wrong thing to get more shares and retweets on social media systems.

Create a mailing list. You can think that this is not a relevant SEO factor. You have the chance communicate and convince you visitors that there is a need for them to visit your site. Through the mailing list, you can connect with your frequent customers to keep them coming back.