The Reasons Behind The Growing Divorce Issues In India

Divorce means break-up of wife and relationship legally. Though India is a traditional country, because of influence of foreign countries and social, economic changes in India the number of divorce cases are increasing. 50% divorce cases have increased for the last 10 years. When comparative other countries the number of diverse cases is less. But however, this increase of divorce cases in India is causing anxiety among the traditional sections in our country. There are many reasons for the increase of divorce cases such as economic independence of women, male domination, traditions, violence, nuclear family, work-tensions, habits of wife and husband, economic problems, psychologies issues. It is found in a study that people who have divorced are being subjected to great mental tension. The divorcees are found to be suffering insecurity of their children. As per analysis of psychologists it is found to be on emotional issues. It is felt that divorce is the only solution for the differences among couples. As a result, problems like, reorganisation in the society, property problems and remarriage problems are arising. Divorce problems are more in town than villages. The reason for this is nuclear families in the town and absence of elders to settle the problems among the couples. There are examples where couples have gone for divorce even on petty issues.

The youth today are lacking the capacity to identify problems among the couples because of giving importance to their professional and materialistic life than family life. In foreign countries special classes are being conducted to settle these kinds of issues. If there are such problems in our country here also it is better t setup such classes of counselling and discussing. The problem is found more also in the higher income groups. In the higher income groups there is less closeness among wife and husband, not allotting sufficient time for closeness.

Govt has set up family courts for counselling and settlement of problems leading to divorce. People who are desirous of divorce should have deep thinking and stopping temporary emotions to avoid divorce problems. It is desirable that wife and husband should not argue on delicate issues to stop divorce. If any issue arises, the wife and husband should sit together and settle the matter and also take the advice and guidance from elders. The couples should respect each other’s feelings and opinions by allotting sufficient time to the family members without going for egoistic tendencies.