The real Mark Zuckerberg

We all have known the success story of Mark Zuckerberg the inventor of Facebook and the freshest billionaire.

1. He believed in what he was doing

It takes a lot of devotion and durable work to succeed a dream. While his friends were revelry out, he would stay in his hotel room coding for his website as he really believed in his dream.

2. Ready to take criticism

During its rise to becoming world's most standard social networking site, Facebook, had its share of ups & downs. It has not just been subjected to litigations over info confidentiality, but has also been banned in several nations. Though, its creator has stayed strong in the times of disorder.

3. Dream big

Maximum of us wouldn't believe that a plan stared in a college room would become such a sense. While it is true that Zuckerberg wasn't targeting for one billion users from day one, but it is obvious that he knew it was something great and he worked towards his company's achievement and his whole vision for the future.

4. Take big risks

It is frequently said that in the business sphere not being capable to take risks is the major risk of all. When the rising currency of his site, Zuckerberg took a series of important risks and met main investors. While most persons would have been too afraid to miss such an opportunity; his team supposed in their product sufficient to wait it out.

5. Learn to be high-class

Facebook was only for college scholars in U.S. at the start and registration vital e-mail id. By keeping it high-class, he made sure that the request wasn't larger than the supply.

6. Don't get put off by the opposition

When Facebook launched, it had a main competition from 20 such sites, with everyone being in a good position than it. While many financiers would have given up at the simple thought of such tough competition, the persistence by Zuckerberg and his group paid off well.

7. Clear about the task

He once said that his task was to €make the world extra open and Facebook has stayed true to that status.

8. Be focused

There is a motive Facebook was able to withstand Google. It was Zuckerberg & his team center for fulfilling Facebook's mission. He didn't lose sight of his task and saw through it by staying concentrated.

9. Follow your passion

Everybody loves the achievement story of Mark Zuckerberg, but only a few realize why he released out of college. It was to make sure his thirst never dies. He has been a programming supporter since childhood and he stuck to his desire.

10. Stick to the process

Starting a business process is one thing while sticking to it is additional. Facebook was not an instant success, it was attained in installments. It takes years to attain something that big and it is a endless procedure.

Achievement doesn't come easy; you have to trust in your dream & yourself.