The Future Of Mobile Devices: Will It Dominate Online Usage?

In one of the reports made in relation to mobile devices and internet usage at the beginning of 2015, it was showed that it was in mobile devices where the highest share of web traffic was gained. In the report made, it showed that the total web traffic gained through the use of laptops and desktops was only 27%. This percentage is way too far when compared with the web traffic gained through the usage of mobile devices, which totaled to 72%. Considering these figures, it really is worth a wonder to ask about the future of mobile devices in connection to online usage.

But, what is truly the future of mobile devices if based on facts and statistics presented worldwide?

A Prediction Made in 2008 by Mary Meeker

Mary Meeker has stated some years back that mobile is to overtake internet access come 2014. In connection to this prediction, an update was recently made on July 15. In this update, it was shown that mobile device usage has already reached 51% compared to desktop usage which totals to 41%. This figure is shown on a report stating the average time being spent by residents in the USA using the internet via their mobile devices.

Today, a new report could serve as a proof to this currently being realized prediction. From an infographic report posted at SmartInsights, it was shown that smartphones now amounts to 80% of people using such device to search over the web. Although the use of PC/laptops when going online is still leading on the list, it would only take a while before the use of smartphones reaches over. Current statistics state that 80% of internet users are using smartphones to browse the web while there is about 91% who are using PCs and laptops.

Another report posted at Cisco Blogs showed that:

In the next couple of years, mobile devices will become one of the leading ways people will use to access entertainment online.

Home will also continuously dominate the other locations in terms of mobile device usage

Use of devices, like mobile device will increase not just at home, but also in public places.

This is a report posted at Cisco’s blog about two years before. Basing it on these facts, it can be said that such predictions are gradually getting realized. Hence, to answer the main subject at hand, yes, the data presented signifies that there will come a time in the future when mobile devices would completely dominate online usage. The reason for this is not only limited to the Wi-Fi enabled features mobile devices has or the convenience it has over laptops and PCs, or other devices. Use of mobile devices is slowly dominating online usage because of various reasons, which can be categorized into two.

The technical and non-technical advantages that mobile devices have over PCs, laptops as well as PDAs are:

Non-Technical Advantages of Mobile Devices

Increasing Numbers of Mobile Users


Marketing Model

Well-Established Providers

Technical Advantages of Mobile Devices

Power Management

Quality of Service

Over the Air Software Upgrades

Current and present statistics now show that mobile devices are on the move in dominating online usage. The reasons are mentioned above is already enough to answer why it is slowly taking that path.