Steve jobs and Bill Gates together

Steve Jobs had certain highly harsh things to say about Bill Gates in the just-published biography of him. In an interview yesterday, Gates replied pretty kindly to that criticism, but also took credit for assisting Steve Jobs invent the Mac.

Some of the world's biggest stories are about competitions and this is what the National Geographic Channel is back on with its new TV show named "American Genius."

The Television channel is releasing a series about some of the most famous thinkers and their challengers, containing the Colt vs. Wesson, Wright brothers vs. Curtiss, and Oppenheimer vs. Heisenberg. But it's kicking off the series with the ill-famed rivalry between Microsoft co-founder Bill & Apple co-founder Steve and their growth to the top of the computer globe.

"The digital age was not born quietly," a teaser to the Jobs vs. Gates show speaks. "It arisen from a bitter competition amongst two of the most powerful minds the world has ever recognized."

Since in October 2011, Jobs passed away from cancer, lots of books, Television shows and cinemas have been formed that document the Apple co-founder and his life. National Geographic's show is the newest to look at how Jobs and others in his arena revolutionized the global with personal computers.

The Jobs vs. Gates competition goes back to the late 1960s and primary 1970s, when the latest computer was attainment its start. Features of "American Genius" renovations of the two youth, men falling out of college on their dueling missions to invent software & personal computers. Jobs is represented as a dreamy hippie turned hard-nosed businessman, whereas Gates is presented as a driven programming nerd. The show follows their pursuit up thru the 1980s.

"American Genius" has numerous interviews with commercial persons, specialists in the field and persons who knew Jobs and Gates at the time, counting Twitter co-founder Biz Stone, politician and entrepreneur Mitt Romney and Apple co-founder Steve.

"I wasn't into entire of the politics and the way business persons think," said Wozniak throughout a Tuesday conference call for associates of the press. "And Steve was."

Wozniak said the chief difference among Jobs and Gates was the way they intended products. Jobs had an innovative outlook, whereas Gates attentation on execution.

"A more of the world gets made up by others when you're in this megastar like category," Wozniak said. "They were two abundant corporations and it was a new business that was evolving."

"American Genius" is an 8th -part series that studies entire kinds of visionaries who assisted change the world. Besides discovering the beginning of the computer revolution, the show also looks at the fight to get airplanes in the sky with the Wright brothers & Glenn Curtiss; the rivalry for the perfect revolver among Samuel Colt and Daniel Wesson; the atomic arms competition among Werner Heisenberg and Robert Oppenheimer; and many more.

"American Genius" premieres with the Jobs vs. Gates episode on June 1st on the National Geographic Channel.