Steve Ballmer & Bill Gates

Steve Ballmer, earlier CEO of the largest software company in the world has maintained cordial and very nice relations with all the staff associated with the big company, and plans to always remain sincere and soft in his relations with any and every member of the company, whatever their position in the company. Steve Ballmer has always been known to be very pleasant with just everybody, whatever their stature and position in the society be. In the recent changes made in the organization, there have been many hard-feelings and tough instructions to the people. These things are generally not advised in the professional sphere of life. Keeping to their words, both the gentlemen, Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer, are continuing with their business as per terms and conditions. All the business and lifestyle ethics being followed as per written terms always. This is the reason behind the correct and proper functioning of the company always. Such a large business organization, the size of which is as big as Microsoft is not a simple and easy task to follow, on a daily basis. This is the reason behind correct and proper functioning of the company.

Steve Ballmer has never shown any hard-feelings or anything bad about other employees of the company, leading to correct and proper functioning of this income-generating source which has from very long times only, been responsible for the good functioning in their homes. The income generated in the company crosses many previous highs and is maintained at being the highest paying from the time of its establishment. This balanced and ethical development of the company has even been envied by many other known companies and organizations. Each of these well-known people is known for their good conduct and proper consultation giving proper time to all who deserve it and even those who need. This proper time-management has helped this pair of software professionals to conduct their company well so that the business may flourish at all. So, the courteous partnership of these well-to-do gentlemen has always been peaceful and involved many of the major deals that have had life-changing decisions for this always-evolving business of software. The company has already captured all the world’s computer systems by providing the basic operating system services to all of them. Other major decisions involving billions of dollars, earned by this software company have had life-changing effects for all the employees as well as both the business partners.

The software company of Microsoft was known to be the first and foremost software company in the entire world. From the times of its establishment only, the business, both in software and hardware, has been growing leaps and bounds. With every professional using the computer system and ultimately depending on this software company, there seems to be no end to the ultimate growth plans of the organization, favoring both the businessmen and the employed labour class, the software of the company acts like an oxygen cylinder for all organizations, whether large or small, since they are fully functionally dependent on the software company.