Steve Ballmer & Bill Gates

The relation between previous Microsoft chief executive Steve Ballmer and Bill Gates has so soured over the years that the pair is no more speaking to each other, rendering to a new profile.

The article, which looks at the Nov 2014 subject of Vanity Fair, cites several Redmond insiders who claim that tensions amongst the previous college buddies began preparing as far back as 2001 but actually came to a head around the time Ballmer accepting as Microsoft's chief executive.

Ballmer claims to have scheduled to leave in 2017, but he completed up handing in his letter 4 years former – and so they say not even Microsoft's board, of which Bill Gates was then chair, was supposing it.

Sources say his choice came afterward clashes with the board over Microsoft's then planned gobble of Nokia's Devices and Services occupational, a contract Ballmer was keen to complete.

For the first time in Microsoft MSFT +0.00%’s history, approximately 40 years afterward Bill Gates originated the firm in 1975, he is no longer its biggest individual shareholder. That name now belongs to Steve, who worked as chief executive from 2000 - 2014.

In an April 30 filing, Gates open that he sold 4.6 million shares for approximately $186 million pre-tax. He now keeps 330 million shares, 3 million fewer than Ballmer, his Harvard pal who later linked him at the Seattle Corporation. Gates’ co-creator Paul Allen, who actually had a lesser stake than Gates from the outset, sold a maximum of his shares years ago.

Ballmer, Gates and Allen whole total huge fortunes made Microsoft into software huge. Gates became the richest man in the world, with a wealth of $77 billion. Ballmer acquired $20 billion, good for the 34th richest in the world. And Allen, one of Gates’ childhood friends, is now wealth $16 billion, placing him the 55th richest.

Gates continued deeply involved in firm operations until June 2008, when he walked back to attention on giving away the wealth Microsoft completed him. Gates has been the richest man in the globe for 15 of the last 20 years, regardless of having previously given away at least $28 billion. He now has 4% of Microsoft, a stake value $13.3 billion. The majority of his wealth is kept in his private cooperation Cascade Investment.

He paced as chairman of the board in Feb and expected the new role of technology consultants, scheduling to spend more of his time functioning with product managers at Microsoft. But he remainders concentrated on charity. He and his wife Melinda have gone to Cambodia in April as part of his continuing mission to destroy malaria from the nation. He called this week “mosquito week” to attention on efforts to fight mosquitoes—one of the globe’s main killers, more dangerous than sharks, his opinions out.

As Gates moved his attention to philanthropy, Ballmer continued at Microsoft running the company. He spun in $120 billion in earnings over his contract but also let competitors Google GOOG +0.16% and Apple gets onward. Afterward he publicized last August that he would give up work within a year, Microsoft shares spiked 10 percent overnight.