Smoked chicken recipes

It is a fact that chicken is often considered a healthy food when compared to red meat. Preparation of smoked chicken is a favorite activity for many at home, although the item is difficult to find in most of the restaurants. The advantage associated with the smoked chicken is that just by adding seasonings, smoker wood chips and marinades the flavor can be dramatically changed unlike in smoking meat only flavor can be enhanced. You can also use chicken sauce recipes and customize the flavor and it is left to your imagination to make combination for getting the best-smoked chicken. The recipe below would surely help you prepare BBQ smoked chicken at home without having to go to hotel and enjoy the same. Carefully read the ingredients list and grilling process along with the preparation method to get the best results. Note that few ingredients and preparation methods can be altered according to the country you are living; however, the cooking process remains the same.

Ingredients required

  • One Whole chicken
  • A bottle of BBQ sauce (your favorite)
  • A bottle of barbeque seasoning
  • Olive Oil
  • Apple or Cherry wood
  • Grilling
  • The whole chicken should be smoked at a low and slow temperature of 225-350 degrees F for about 3 to 5 hours and the chicken is considered to be smoked when the internal breast temperature reaches 165 degrees F.

    Preparation for Barbecue smoked Chicken

    Mix the BBQ seasoning with Olive oil until it becomes a paste and apply the paste all over the chicken. For getting additional flavor, the paste has also to be applied thoroughly inside of the chicken. Prepare the wood chips by immersing in water for an hour or two and light the charcoal about half an hour earlier to cooking the chicken. Place the smoker wood on and place the chicken on the grates of the smoker. Keep 75 % of the vent open and ensure they are positioned over the top of the chicken to draw all the smoke. Check on and off the whether the right temperature is maintained and gently mop the bird with BBQ sauce 30minutes before taking it off from the smoker. The chicken should be taken off the smoker when the internal temperature of the chicken reaches about 165 degrees, and tent it with aluminum foil. Chicken should not be cut into pieces while it is hot as the juices will not be distributed and the chicken would become tough. After a break of 20 minutes, the BBQ smoked chicken can be sliced and served to your friends and family. You can also refrigerate for one or two days not more than that. Marinated chicken also can be refrigerated and you can use it to cook fresh when you need them most.

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