Skillet Chicken Recipes

This skillet chicken recipe is easy to make and you would love to repeat the cooking once you go through this recipe. You must have already used Taco chicken bowls and found it is easy to cook, as you will be simply pouring into the slow cooker and finish the cooking. In the same way, you can use a skillet and prepare this recipe in just thirty seconds. This skillet cooking is practically easy as there is no need to cook the rice separately; rice cooks along with salsa, beans and other ingredients and the taste and flavor are fully retained. Rice, beans and chicken are a good combination and you can experiment with other toppings such as diced avocado, sour cream or cilantro and to make it crunchy you can even add some tortilla strips. This dish demands a preparation time of five minutes and a cooking time of thirty minutes. The dish could be used to have six servings.

Ingredients required

  • Long grain white rice- cooked 1 cup (you can also use brown rice if you like, but additional amount liquid is required to make the rice fully boiled)
  • 2 cups of shredded chicken- pre cooked or buy shredded chicken
  • Salsa- 1 cup
  • Chili powder- 1 tablespoon
  • Chicken broth- 2 cups
  • Black beans 15 Oz
  • Shredded cheese- 1 cup (you can use pepper cheese also)
  • Green Onions (3) -sliced

    Preparation method

    Add in a skillet, the rice, shredded chicken, salsa, drained black beans, chicken broth and chili powder and stir until combined evenly. Place a lid tight on the skillet, heat on medium to high, and allow boiling fully. After the skillet reaching boiling point, turn down the heat to low and again let it simmer for about thirty minutes. Monitor the simmering all the time, and incase more heat is needed to maintain the simmering, heat up slightly more, so that simmering happens quietly. Turn off the heat after thirty minutes, remove the lid and stir the mixture. Ensure that the rice has absorbed all the liquid and has become tender and soft. Now, sprinkle the shredded cheese on top, cover and keep aside for a few minutes until the cheese melts. Slicing the green onions, sprinkle it on top of the cheese and your skillet chicken is ready for your dinner.

    General Tips

    In general, eating encourages the flow of saliva, which helps to remove the unpleasant, odor-causing materials on the surface of your tongue. Cloves are rich in eugenol, a potent antibacterial. Simply pop one into your mouth and dent it with your teeth. The pungent aromatic oil may burn slightly, so keep the spicy clove moving. Continue to bite until the essence permeates your mouth, and then spit it out. Do not use clove oil or powdered cloves; they are too strong and can result in burns. Try sea salt for healthy gums and fresh breath if you wish to do it. All these will help in fighting your bad breath.