The Skipton Building Society is a building society located in the United Kingdom .It is also known as a mutual lending and savings organization because it is owned by the members. It is a member of the Building Societies Association. The Skipton Building Society was established in 1853 in Skipton, North Yorkshire. These are its headquarters.

Skipton Building Society has a range of insurance, investments and legacy planning services, as well as a range of savings accounts and mortgages.

It is the United Kingdom’s 4th largest building society and with 750,000 members and 100 branches.

The table below shows full range of SKIPTON BUILDING SOCIETY FIXED RATE BONDS accounts. Choosing the right savings accounts to meet your individual needs is very important.

Many of these accounts have monthly interest options.

Among the above listed saving account those that allow withdrawals to be done include:

i)Everyday Saver.

ii)Cash ISA Saver Issue 3.

iii)Clubs and Charities Account Issue 2.

iv)Forty-five Day Notice Account Issue 4 (Withdrawals permitted provided 45 days’ notice is given).

v)Child Trust Fund (Withdrawals by child permitted once they are 18).

vi)Junior Cash ISA Issue 2 (Withdrawals by child permitted once they are 18).

vii)Leap Account Issue 3.