Repair ac

Air conditioners are a great invention to keep us cool when it is too hot outside or too stuffy in the car, house or at work. The type of air conditioner you own can sometimes breakdown on you when you least expect it to. To keep your air conditioner running smoothly, you will need to maintain it regularly. This maintenance is done by a certified technician and usually involves cleaning the air filter this is because when the air filter becomes clogged with dust and dirt, it can block the flow of air, increasing your energy use and can possibly damage the air conditioner.

The repair of your AC can be due to three main problems though they may represent themselves in various ways, lack of enough refrigerant, filters is clogged and the repair or replacement of major parts of the air conditioner. Low levels of refrigerant may cause your system to work less efficiently. This the repair person can fix by adding the amount of refrigerant. This process is known as recharging the system. The reduced level of refrigerant can be caused by leakages in the system where one of the pipes may have a hole. The leaks are sometimes hard to detect because when refrigerant is exposed to air it evaporates and it can only be identified using a special dye that will show where the leaks are so that the technician can fix them. After fixing the leak the technician then has to refill the refrigerant to the recommended level by the manufacturer. The cost of recharging may be a bit high because refrigerant is not sold in different quantities and you have to buy the whole amount some technician will add this cost to the bill. The technician will also recommend a retrofit of R-134a to replace the old refrigerant R-12 because it is more environmentally friendly and does not contribute to the depletion of the ozone layer. When the technician will add the refrigerant and you notice he does not add the entire amount it is because overcharging the system will also lead to poor efficiency of the system.

The breakdown of parts of the air conditioner results in the technician pulling apart the parts to try and fix them and sometimes if he is unable to fix them he will recommend buying new parts. Some of the parts found in all types of air conditioners are the compressor, the condenser, the evaporator, the drier or accumulator and the expansion valve. These parts are quite costly to replace and that is why it is recommended that you should get regular maintenance to prevent major breakdowns.

Overall you can save repair costs by also trying to find out what is causing your system not to work online and only fix simple things like cleaning the air filter but be sure to remember before you start on any work that you have switched off the power source and that you do not tamper with anything you do not understand.