Ready To Face A Whole New Adventure? Get These Must-have Apps When You Go Backpacking

Are you ready for a whole new adventure this weekend? There are quite a few things you need to bring with you. These are not the literal pieces of stuff but must-have apps that your phone must grab before you fly and go backpacking. Whether it is about the weather, currency, gas station, budget manager and hotel booking reservation, there are apps like these and more.

These applications are meant to provide you with a more exciting and convenient travel. Let this article be your guide whenever you’re on a backpacking adventure. Below are the apps that your phone should not miss having before you go. Some apps are paid while others are free. Consider what can be the most useful for you.

XE Currency. This app is a free app that is slick and easy to use. Why settle for those paid money conversion apps if you have this freebie currency conversion app at your side? It utilizes live currency rates so that you can ensure its conversions are always accurate. Many have already downloaded it, so why not do the same? Don’t go without it. Install it before you take your flight.

Hostelworld. Looking for a cheap room to stay at your chosen destination. That is made easy by Hostelworld. This is a directory app that is lists 35,000 budget hotels all over the world. Right at your fingertips, you can easily find and book for a room on one of its budget hotels. To make the right decision in choosing a place to stay, the app also caters access to more than 3.5 million reviews.

Flashlight. It’s always a great idea to bring a head torch or a small flashlight whenever you are on a backpacking trip. But to have an on the go flashlight app installed on your phone is another thing. This is such an advantage whenever you are looking for stuff in a dark room of finding your way out when there’s a power shortage.

Gas Buddy. Gas Buddy is a perfect app for road travels. It lets you find the most inexpensive gas stations around the vicinity while you’re moving. It allows you to compare their prices and choose the best one. This way, you get save yourself from the physical effort of looking for a gas station near your current location while you also save hundreds for the gas.

Packing pro. Packing pro is a great travel app even before you go. This suggests what you should bring or what to pack based on the trip you are taking. This award-winning mobile application syncs up so that you can adjust the list on a computer with GoogleDocs or Excel and then share the list to your travel buddies online. It creates a packing list based on the number of days, adult and kids you are with, food preparation as well the temperature in your destination.

What do you think? Aren’t these apps cool? Grab any of them now or rather all of them because aside from your loved ones, they can also be the best travel buddies!