Price of gas boiler

The cost of replacing a boiler or installation of a new one is usually high than that of buying the product itself. To avoid being charged more than necessary, you should understand pricing aspects before you call an engineer to do the installations for you or repairs.

Boiler parts are not sold at a standard price. Each part has its price. Your employer, area of residence and the work required in installing it also contribute to the final price of the gas boiler. In 2010, the scheme on boiler scrappages was introduced whereby residents with inefficient boilers were given the go ahead to return the product to the seller and claim their cash back.

Following this move, customers were asked to give feedback on boiler prices, and it was realized that companies were exhorting boiler buyers of their hard-earned cash. In replacing a boiler, the installations will just be done where the previous one was. This will cost you between forty and six hundred and sixty euros. If the heating system has seen better days, it should be flushed mechanically, and this undertaking costs five hundred and ten euros.

When removing a non-condensing boiler to install one has the condensation feature, the flue position and gas supply have to be checked. They may have to be replaced or removed to suit the incoming boiler. All this work will cost you between six hundred and forty and seven hundred and seventy euros.

If pipes have to be moved, the cost will increase by about three hundred euros. If the new boiler is to be installed in a completely different location and the heating system upgraded through changing controls and radiator valve addition, the plumbing work will be very complex. The flue will have to be routed while the condensate drains will be added. This is a task whose cost ranges from £1,140-£1,440.

Additionally, such a case will need chemical flushing. This involves using cleaning chemical on the heating system so as to do away with debris. The charges for this task are two hundred euros. If you are replacing a heat-only gas boiler with a combi condensing boiler, the technician will convert the system from open-vented to sealed setup. Obsolete equipment like the storage tank for hot water, the storage cylinder for hot water, expansion and feed tank at the loft will have to be removed. The total cost will be about one thousand, four hundred and forty euros.

If additional pipework has to be done, you will spend an extra three hundred euros. Mechanical flushing costs five hundred and ten euros while chemical flushing costs two hundred euros. A new gas boiler should be fitted by competent professionals.

Different dealers will have different prices, but the price variations are not that huge. However, write down a budget on how much you want to spend on the boiler plus the installation and make sure the person you are purchasing the item from understands the need to adhere to the budget if they are doing the fitting for you.