Patenting Applications: Patent The Exclusivity Of Your Mobile App

The rising popularity of the smartphone made the development of mobile applications the most profitable kind of business with large profitable market. It is the reason why patenting applications has turned to be a popular topic to discuss between patent clients. The mobile app patents were inside the market for several years and in the past, people have seen other mobile platform developers showing their interest in terms of patent litigation.

The recent data from the mobile app analytics expert stated that more than 600, 000 mobile apps for iOS and Android are available in the markets today. This is making the industry more competitive and lucrative especially for beginners so if you like to patent your mobile app or not, it’s a business choice for the reason that patenting comes with a lengthy process.

The first thing that you may think about is why people should consider patenting the mobile apps. Here are some great reasons to answer that:

In order to form a competitive edge over the other in the market

To get an exclusive monopoly

To block your rivals in business

To generate revenues through licensing

There are different issues that are associated with patenting a mobile app and these issues are should be addressed before anything else. The patent can significantly protect and secure the product against any incident of copying done by other companies. On the other hand, it usually cannot secure you from the accusations of penalty from the other holders of patent. It is something that is pretty much the same with what happened to Lodsys LLC.

Things to Consider Before Considering Patenting the Mobile Apps

Patenting mobile applications can be a seriously dangerous process that you should never take lightly. If you plan to get started with patenting the mobile applications that you have then please do not forget to think about the following:

Are you prepared to spend the amount of money that is need for the patent accusation?

Is your mobile application unique and is it worth the cash involved when you want it to be patented?

Do you intend to partner the app in the near future?

Would you have a commercial advantage through patenting?

What Does the Patent Acts Say?

The Patent Act declares that a new process or product and the enhanced process or product could be patented only when:

This can solve an issue that has never been resolved before

It can put forward the new advantages, improved solutions and the new solutions

This is more cost-effective and comprehensible

The mobile apps are run in 2 components. The first one is on the device and the other is on the remote server which is the processing hub. Any of them can establish the foundation for the patentable claim. The application to file the patents must be filed as early as the mobile app is prepared to be commercialized. The filing process may take as long as a year to complete.