Open Source Web Design Software

It is a wise decision to build a website for your business if even if you are just going to start with one page. Your potential clients will search for you’re a site to learn more about your products, services or any other information before they find your contact details to reach you. It is very easy to create and launch a website without the need to hire anybody else. With the aid of the open source web design software, you can achieve your dream of having a website for your business.

Before thinking about anything else, you must understand that you need a website and an email address. These two are essential components of your branding (so it means that you should have a registered domain name. We don’t advise web owners to get a free domain for their business if they dream of having an outstanding site for business.However, if you are own a small business, and you can’t afford to buy a domain name, you can opt for the free one. And then find a web hosting provider.

Now, you can learn more about the open source web design software to use;


It is an excellent choice for a text-heavy website, for instances, a site with many tutorials, detailed products information, press release or a CEO Blog posts with deep thoughts. With this free program, you can post and organize pictures on your pages as well.

The program uses a web- founded administration console, and it is inclusive tools such as a simple –text-to webpage converter, human –clean, readable URL( that are SEO friendly), easy to use organization and groupings and many useful features.

Textpattern makes writing and editing web content very fast and intuitive. With this open source software, you can make your web pages and blogs look the way you desire without working hard for it.


Similar to Textpattern, not clear is friendly to use the program. With the software, you users can write, edit and format their content with ease, the editing layout tools in this program has made everything possible for you.

Besides, most of the amazing features found with this program are not in most of the free software. It is one of the best free programs that can have braille display and screen readers. You will also find a vision –impaired keyboard or mouse- impaired for clients. This is one of the best programs to use if you vision difficulties.

Wordpress can refer to two things. A free open source blogging program that can be downloaded and installed on a web server and also a site that hosts all WordPress blogs, which has both paid and free services. It is a well-known site for blogging and, WordPress is one of the programs that can be learned fast.

This program can support forums, galleries for images, blog posts, videos, newsfeeds and almost everything you might require.

These are not the only open source web design software; more are available for you to use.