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The state of Nevada has done several things in the last ten years to increase tourist visitations including the growth of legalized betting, the construction of high end stores and entertainment facilities, and an increase in flights to a from airports in the state; though, with the building of dozens of best hotels, Las Vegas has become the central focal point of Nevada's push towards an increase in tourist money entering the local economy. They do this by offering single experiences, high end facilities, and luxurious and roomy sets.

By building these hotels the city has not only dramatically increased the available rooms for potential tourists, they have increased the overall experience that these tourists have. These hotels offer more amenities, larger casinos, luxurious suites, and expansive creativity with structure and design. All these elements work together to not only bring more tourists to the city, but to increase the overall financial quality of those tourists. Therefore, not only are more tourists visiting the area, but they are wealthier than typical tourists and spend more money, thus further driving the local economy.

The luxury hotels of Las Vegas have become world famous. Architects, owners, and investors have done everything possible to create each hotel a unique knowledge from the chief step into the lobby. Establishments offer remarkable light and laser shows, remarkable water fountain shows, and dramatic & imposing architecture. Various hotels boast of incredible recreations of the New York skyline, the parks of Babylon, the Excessive Pyramids of Giza, & remarkable light & water shows that work on any hourly base. All of these attractions draw lots of visitors a year that just want to view these astonishing structures. For the average visitor this experience is like visiting five cities in one trip.

With all the best hotels, Las Vegas has become a high end amenities mecca. Most of the newly constructed facilities offer so many amenities that they are considered to be all inclusive resorts.  These amenities include five and four star eateries (additional than half a dozen hotels in Las Vegas could boast of two 5 star cafeterias), shops that cater to rich clients (dress stores, jewelry shops, and electronic retailers), and luxurious salons, masseuses, & spas. All of these stores and facilities exist because there is a clientele available who is willing to spend the money associated with such services and products. All of this means an increase to the local economy.

All the stores, restaurants, and entertainment in the world will mean nothing if you cannot offer a deluxe place to lay your crown. Therefore, all of the novel hotels offer unbelievable accommodations. These accommodations include huge rooms. Several suites rival the size of homes with square material reaching into the 45 hundred ranges. Many are two stories with professional kitchens, spacious bathrooms, and expensive imported features. While rich tourists use their money on the slip, in casinos, & at cafeterias, they come to Las Vegas as of the high end sets in which they would be napping.