Non-technical guide to petroleum geology, exploration, drilling and production is a book by Dr. Norman J. Hyne. The book is a must read for a nontechnical personnel or for someone new in the petroleum industry as it explains complex subjects encountered in the petroleum industry using very simple language.

The phrase ‘Non-technical’ implies that the book has no complex mathematical equations which are likely to confuse the user. Only simple equations to equip with ideas for a particular subject are used while the details are explained by applying good and useful technical literature so that those reading may easily understand the basic of the technical knowledge.

Several images and figures to complement the texts are used. By so doing, the reader is able to relate what they read to that which they get to see from the images enhancing understanding and building up remembrance.

Anyone coming into contact with the petroleum industry has certainly seen the many oilfield acronyms and wordings used. While such are an easy method to communicate within the industry, lack of proper interpretation and understanding may result in more harm than good. The nontechnical guide to petroleum geology, exploration, drilling and production book contains a lot of basic oilfield glossaries and abbreviations familiarizing the reader with the terms.

Contents of the Book

The author of this book, Norman J. Hyne, is a certified petroleum geologist and a Professor of Petroleum Geology in Continuing Education at the University of Tulsa. He has practical experience in drilling wells and producing natural gas and crude oil. He has published research papers on sediments, sedimentary rocks and petroleum geology in all major geological journals, authored 6 books, edited 4 books by the Tulsa Geological Society and designed 5 wall charts on petroleum.

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