Mutual funds that averaged 12 for the past five years

Most investors who have a preference of investing their money for a period of five years, it is crucial that they invest in schemes, which have proven they can maintain over, or approximately 12% return. This means that on an annual basis, you funds will gain 12 percent and this will continue growing for the period you have selected to invest. The following are mutual funds scheme, which averaged or passed the 12 % return rate.

Reliance Growth Fund

This was first categorized as a primary midcap fund, which had the possibility of exposure to large cap stocks. During the 2003 to 2007 period, the assets surged rapidly and this created fear among the investor. The funds quickly recovered during the period of 2008-2009 when the stock market crashed, they moved cash quickly and this helped to recover as the market was recovering. This scheme has since then maintained a steady 12 percent return for successive five years.

Franklin India Blue Chip Fund

This is a good scheme for those investors oriented towards equity mutual fund. Analysts have recommended it for the quality of stocks and consistency within the market. This scheme is quite famous for sticking to its philosophy of sticking to bluechips alongside a healthy balance sheet. This has helped it I staying always from the momentum sector and stocks. As a result, this scheme tends to underperform after a short-term basis but catch up in the long term.

HDFC Equity

This is the largest mutual fund equity scheme in India with about 18,000 cores in assets. In this scheme, it has only had one manager for the last 20 years. This is usually very hard considering the inconsistency of the market. Most analysts have claimed that this can be the main reason for the continuous appreciation of the equity mutual funds within this scheme. Over the short term, the funds have frustrated most investors who opted out but over the long term, the funds have been on a steady growth rate.

Franklin India Prima Fund

This fund is very consistent within the small cap and mid space. For most investors, the mid and small-cap is usually considered risky but this scheme has managed to avoid fluctuations by a large margin. This consistency of this fund is a must note point. It has managed to beat category average and stay within the top-mid ranking. This stock is noted to have identified stock winners the likes of Amara Raja Batteries, Finolex among others.

Birla Sun Life Advantage Fund

This is a multicap fund which has had its shares up and down. At one time the fund went volatile but this was due to the high exposure to few escort, this fund from 199 has performed well and most analyst claim that it has reoriented its focus. This is from changing business cycles to identifying growth stocks. This scheme is usually recommended to high-risk takers.