Monthly car rental

Renting car for longer than a week or two is good idea if you are staying somewhere for a while, but not permanently. In fact the long term car rentals are very good and cheap option for everyone, thanks to the good offers the car rental companies make. The client can save lots of money, hiring transportation for long time – one or more months; some companies offer discounts of over $50 a month, which is very good rate.

In India every car rentals service includes long term rentals in it services, because there are lots of domestic and international clients, who prefer using their services, in front of the cabs and busses.

  • Soni Travels and Co is one of the companies, which offer long term car rentals in Delhi; the company also offers hiring busses and mini busses for events and on monthly basis. The reviews of the company show that it offers excellent quality and reliable services to its clients, ever since it was established in 2004. To hire one of their vehicles use
  • Kollam Cars, located in Kerala offers large number of car rental in India; for daily and monthly rental. The company is well known in the entire state; it offers safe and comfortable services. They offer standard and luxury vehicles for monthly rental on very good prices; and are connected with some of the best travel and leisure agencies. To connect and make inquiry you can use your LinkedIn profile – fast and easy -
  • Antaeus India – is car rental service, which offers its services in Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore and works with high class domestic and foreign tourists and business travelers. It was founded in 1996 and ever since offers quality and reliable daily and/ or monthly rental services. In fact the company has offices in up to 96 cities, including driver hiring, cab rental, coach rentals for weddings. They have large fleet of standard and luxury vehicles, from the best brands and models; all you need to connect with them is to visit - and to book your car and rental period.
  • Book Cab is one of the major car rental services India, which offers daily and monthly rental to their clients; it is great way to plan your everyday transport, during your vacation or business trip. They know that booking a cab or car for long time, up to whole year, is very convenient for people, who stay for a while and they made very good and cheap offers for all types of clients. Custom packages are also available – all to satisfy client’s needs; Book Cab offers luxury and standard vehicles, which bring relax and comfort to their clients. The clients can use the online form to make an inquiry or to reserve vehicles for long time; payment methods and car choosing are made very easy; just check it out at -
  • Having a car o go wherever you want is very convenient, having it during vacation or business trip – is even better.