Ministry of Oil and Gas

Petroleum & Natural Resources Division was made in April 1977. Before that they get oil and gas from various different resources to fulfill their requirements. Petroleum and Gas are the main resources to promote your business as industrial country in the world and are much essential for various uses in any country. The development of the country is consist on its petroleum or gas resources, so we see when the rate of oil decrees the other rates or prices of items are automatically decrease in any country. That proves the importance of oil and gas in any country’s progress or development in the world. So you know that the Petroleum and Natural Resources are the basic parts of the various powers, resources, fuels and many more natural resources to fulfill our requirements.

Their main aim is:

They give guarantee accessibility and security of supportable supply of oil and gas for financial advancement and vital necessities of Pakistan and to facilitate improvement of regular assets of vitality and minerals.

Their plan to access their requirements:

Embrace an incorporated methodology for advancing investigation and quick track advancement of oil, gas and mineral assets. Deregulate, change and privatize oil, gas and mineral division through organized changes. Draw in mineral areas. Create specialized proficient human assets. Enhance existing vitality conveyance base i.e. oil and gas pipelines.

Decrease transported in fuel oil utilization with indigenous gas by ideally adjusting the gas accessibility and supplies from nearby and foreign made assets.

The Ministry is in charge of managing all matter identifying with petroleum, gas and mineral issues. Its nitty gritty capacities are as under:

Approach, enactment, arranging in regards to investigation, advancement and preparations Policy rules to administrative bodies in oil and gas parts.

Approach rules and assistance of import, fare, refining, circulation, advertising, transportation and estimating of a wide range of petroleum and petroleum items.

- Matters bearing on worldwide perspectives.

- Government offices and foundations for advancement of exceptional studies and improvement programs.

- Encourage the advancement of petroleum and mineral parts.

- Draw in the private venture.

- Topographical Surveys.

Organization of Regulation of Mines and oil fields and Mineral Development has identify with investigation and generation of petroleum, transmission, dispersion of regular gas, Compressed Natural Gas, Liquefied Natural Gas and condensed petroleum gas, refining and promoting of oil.

- Petroleum concessions understandings for area, seaward and remote ocean territories.

- Help of import of apparatus gear and so on for investigation and advancement of petroleum and minerals.

- Organization of Marketing of Petroleum Products (Federal Control) Act 1974 and the standards made there-under.

- Matters identifying with Federal ventures and endeavors entirely or somewhat possessed by the Government in the sector of petroleum.

- The Petroleum Products (Development Surcharges) Ordinance, 1961, and the standards made there-under.

- The Natural Gas (Development Surcharges) Ordinance 1967 and the standards made there-under.

- Coordination of vitality and mineral strategies.

- Research, improvement, arrangement and exhibit of hydrocarbon vitality assets.