Mark Zuckerberg time line to success

1984 – Born in White Plains, New York, the single son of a psychiatrist and a dentist (he has 3 sisters).

2002 – Graduates from a private school, Phillips Exeter Academy, in New Hampshire; links Harvard University in autumn on a computer science and psychology course.

2003 – Presentations Facemash - a web programmer supporting Harvard students to compare images of similar-gender students and rate the more attractive - and closely gets kicked out once its instant popularity draws the attention of the university administrators.

2004 – Drops out of Harvard at the finale of his sophomore year; moves to Palo Alto that summer, where he leases a home with a now-famous swimming pool.

2004 – Facebook hits 200,000 customers; contacts venture capitalists in Silicon Valley, and obtains a primary investment of half a million dollars - certain of, which is used to splash out on a small office above a Chinese restaurant

2004 – The Winklevoss twins file litigation against Zuckerberg claiming he ripped off their idea for a new social networking, Harvard Connection (far along ConnectU).

2005 – Facebook hits five million customers.

2006 – At twenty-two years of age, Zuckerberg goes down an expected $1 billion dollar deal for Facebook from Yahoo.

2007 – Opens Facebook away from universities, thus anybody with an email id can join; turns down a $15 billion deal from Microsoft, which would have begged him personally $4 billion.

2007 – Permits independent developers to write programs for Facebook; but are forced to apologize once Beacon, a controversial new addition to Facebook permitting customers to view what their friends have been purchased online, raises main complaints over privacy intrusions.

2008 – Reaches expenditure with Winklevoss lawsuit value $65 million, however, still denies any intellectual property theft.

2009 – China blocks domestic right to use, to Facebook.

2010 – Called Time magazine’s person of the year.

2010 – Hollywood picture The Social Network is presented documenting Zuckerberg's time at Harvard and the initial days of Facebook.

2011 – Looks on Saturday Night Live, along with host Jesse Eisenberg, who played him in the movie.

2011 – Facebook registers half a billion customers on Facebook in a single day, and is estimated to report $4 billion dollar returns, double that of the earlier year.

2012 – Facebook expected to reach 1 billion customers; a much-mooted stock marketplace flotation would be estimated to earn as much as $100 billion.

With Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg panned to become a billionaire it is time to look at by what method he does it. However, we are not going to tell you how to engineer the next technology corporation, but pretty what is involved in selling stock of your enterprise.

Earlier you can sell shares of your business to the public; you want to register them with the SEC. The registering is relatively costly and you can escape it if the issue of shares is fewer than 5 million. Moreover, the Securities Exchange Commission only acquires busy if you sell across state lines and do not bind your sales to one state. Even if you escaped the SEC, state regulatory authorities will come afterward you. To end, if you only sell to thirty-five investors you do not have to list with the SEC.