Mark Zuckerberg political view

Less than 3 weeks afterward Zuckerberg publicly released his pro-immigration reform group, the billionaire tech mogul looks to be experiencing the Facebook equal of a generous de-friending.

Liberal activists have been voicing their displeasure afterward Zuckerberg-backed group’s unveiled TV advertisements last week that praise lawmakers for opposing Obama care and assistant an expansion of the Keystone oil pipeline and drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. The advertisements are meant to deliver political cover for senators to cast politically risky votes in approval of immigration reform.

One of the advertisements, exposure on behalf of Sen. Lindsey Graham, an associate of the Senate's bi-partisan "Gang of Eight," types clips of the South Carolina Antiroyalist recurrently disparaging President Obama. Additional advertisement touts Alaska Democratic Sen. Mark Begich's work to open ANWR to drilling.

Those TV advertisements led the Sierra Club to put a message to the environmental group's Facebook page on Monday urging Zuckerberg to "re-think his significances."

"Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg is bankrolling political ads that push unsafe, dirty projects like the Keystone XL pipe & drilling in America's pristine Arctic Shelter," says the message associated a thumbs-down clear dripping with oil.

"Just last week, the Sierra Club said our support for a path to residency for undocumented immigrants so we know how significant migration reform is to the future of our nation," Michael Brune, executive manager of the Sierra Club, said in a report to ABC News. "The manner to achieve reform, though, isn't by pushing dirty fuel arrangements that threaten our future & our families. Mark Zuckerberg has made comments in the past knowing that we need to pursue a clean energy future, & there is no reason he wants to trade those principles for some political points."

Furthermore to Graham & Begich, an off-shoot of Zuckerberg's group,, is supporting a TV commercial supporting Florida Sen. Marco Rubio the single one of the three advertisements that specially mentions settlement reform. is funded two companies that are running the ads the Republican-leaning, "Americans for a Conservative Direction" & the Democratic-minded, "Council for American Job Development."

Every group has a board of directors single from, which last week added the backing of Microsoft creator Bill Gates & its CEO Steve Ballmer in addition to technology businessperson Sean Parker to an already inspiring list of Silicon Valley leaders who have employed on as supporters.

Previous New York Congressman Scott Murphy, previous Clinton administration White House Press Secretary Joe Lockhart, & former Obama campaign authorized Alida Garcia is listed as board associates for the Board for American Job Growth.

Previous Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour, earlier George W. Bush administration certified and Mitt Romney-Paul Ryan campaign consultant Dan Senor, & former National Republican Senatorial Committee managerial director Rob Jesmer sit on the Americans for a Traditional Direction board.

"Maintaining two single entities, Americans for a Conservative Way & the Council for American Work Growing, to help chosen officials across the political view individually means that we can more efficiently communicate with targeted viewers of their constituents," lecturer Kate Hansen said in a report.