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Here are some Mark Zuckerberg best videos in YouTube

Mark Zuckerberg's Secrets to Success

This video is a short-term biography on the founder & CEO of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg. In this video you will see the secret's to mark the Zuckerberg’s success & how you can use the similar steps to becoming successful and possibly as successful as the freshest billionaire in the world.

Facebook Founder Mark Zuckerberg Interview

A remarkable interview with Facebook's founder Mark Zuckerberg in which he talks about the origins of the social networking hulk.

I’m not sure if it must be a source of discomfiture or pride (or perhaps neither), but I was up and running on Facebook back in late 2004, back when Friendster was still the top of social networking. As a scholar at the time, I was capable to witness first-hand how rapidly Facebook was able to safe a foothold in the everyday lives of college students. Writing on “the wall” on your associates’ pages, poking people, joining a limitless string of groups these were just some of the many fun and unusual features why assisted Facebook became an instant hit with scholars.

Quiet, at the time no one could have actually predicted that Facebook would go on to become a family name, not just in tech, but across the world. That said it’s constantly interesting to take a stroll back in time and aspect at how Facebook was viewed well before it became the facto social network it is nowadays.

Mark Zuckerberg will only appoint persons that he would have as a chief, he said last night.

He defined the test once asked what he stares for in a novel hire during one of his monthly “town hall” meetings, this one thought in Barcelona.

"I will only hire somebody to work directly for me if I would work for that individual," Zuckerberg said. "It's a pretty good test."

The test has gotten Zuckerberg hire some of the most well-known technology managers in the world. Sheryl Sandberg, for example, was chosen by Zuckerberg to be a main operating officer at Facebook and is perhaps the most well-known woman in the tech world.

Zuckerberg considers Sandberg a mentor, he said the meeting, and said that she has assisted make Facebook into a healthy commercial.

But equated with other similar tech firms, Zuckerberg’s staff is fairly small.

"The most significant thing is to keep your team as small as probable," he said at the meeting. "[Facebook] serves more than a billion persons around the world, but our team has less than 10,000 people. It's only probable because of modern expertise. Great companies get bloated."

Zuckerberg speaks at the town hall meetings incompletely once a month, taking queries from Facebook staff and users. He has run them around the world in addition to in the US.

The occasion was Zuckerberg’s second huge public appearance from Barcelona this week. In his previous speech, at the Mobile World Congress, he was extensively expected to take on telecom firms over how to get internet access to persons around the world. But in fact Zuckerberg frequently talked about making peace with the corporation’s with many complaining about his friendly tone and several even falling asleep.