Mark Zuckerberg and bill gates

These professional billionaires spans three age groups. Warren Buffett, chairman of Berkshire Hathaway is 81, William Gates III creator of Microsoft is 56, & Mark Zuckerberg creator of Facebook is 26.

• Two completed the cover of Time Magazine. Mark Zuckerberg in 2010, Bill Gates shared it with wife Melinda & performer Bono in the year 2005. Warren Buffet hasn’t ever made it to the cover, but in 2006 was listed among Time's 100 Most Powerful People in the World

• Both Mark Zuckerberg & Bill Gates attended Harvard, but not ever finished, they dropped out to start their businesses. Warren Buffett did finish college & went on for a further degree. Possibly he represents a changed generation?

They are all Billionaires, but they share something else on an extra personal level; something even they might not know: Birth Order.

Birth Order

• They all share the similar Birth Order. They are all 2nd borns with older sisters. All their sisters are almost two years older. For the reason that of this they share a sum of second born traits & because of their male genders they had a cool time dethroning their sisters, working as first borns but keeping their Second born characters.

Starting Early

• Warren Buffet had a paper route initially in his life and accepted his first stock at the age of 11. Those five dollars of income would set the stage for a life in the asset field. Bill Gates was programming PCs at the age of eleven once he was sent for analysis because of his independent streak, a true additional born trait. Mark’s primary computer was a Quantex 486DX running Windows 3.1 & at age 12 he made a program to network the family computers. The rest is history.

Don't Tell Me What to Do

• Liberty, not power is what sets the Second born separately from the Firstborn. Their billions are used for their liberty, not for its power. They don't like to be expressed what to do & their billions purchase them this freedom.


• All show their modest trait in their businesses, frequently putting in very long hours with an intensity that numerous could not sustain. On a more private level, we also see this trait. Mark Zuckerberg was a fencer in High school, Bill Gates was constantly playing reasonable games with his 2 sisters & Warren Buffett plays bridge12 hrs. per week. In 2006 he started the Buffett Cup for rivalry between 12 US players and 12 Europeans decorated after the Ryder Cup in golf.

Management Style

• Their management elegances show the mark of the 2nd Born. Mark Zuckerberg doesn't have an office, but chooses the open office approach, no training of power here. Bill Gates' staffs are independent services and Warren Buffett prides himself in not getting in the method of the CEO's of his corporations. He says he just leaves them alone; they do a good job without his interference. This is what all three of them think everybody would like as that is what they need. They are ignorant it's a birth order trait of 2nd borns.