Mark Zuckerberg Body guard

Actually being the inventor of Facebook has a downside. It lately came to light Facebook-founder Mark Zuckerberg hired defense. The news came out of a current Forbes article where another tech genius had feasted with Zuckerberg and noticed his safety detail.

A couple of years ago Mark Zuckerberg was the fairly elusive, presumably geeky creator of Facebook. You could read up on him if you required, see a couple of images and satisfy your interest, but he was hardly a "star." Now, as the subject of an Academy Award-winning film & the proud controller of more than $17 billion, he's extra than just a star. He's a legend.

And what better indication than a personal safety guard? Dropbox CEO Drew Houston noticed a security guard hovering nearby the full time he was with Zuckerberg at the Facebook creator's home in Palo Alto on a previous visit. He says the guard was "parked outside, presumably all day, each day."

We're not totally sure what the implications of that would be. Fine, for one it means he's familiar. Any half-whacked pedestrian could simply recognize the face of Time's 2010 Person of the Year matter and give him a hard time. But it's not like somebody is going to run up & mug him for his billions.

Is he upset about an assassination? Possibly he's afraid Twitter founder Jack Dorsey is preparation a coup; perhaps he gets death threats from overzealous Facebookers each time they tweak the site. Who knows? But if you were thinking of annoying to pants the big Z, think again. You'll not ever know what hit you.

It is a mandatory downside to becoming the sphere's youngest billionaire.

But global fame has forced Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg to hire a 24-hour private security team.

Like many A-list superstars, the 27-year-old is now so well-known that he has a bodyguard enduringly parked outside his home in Palo Alto, California.

Mr Zuckerberg's domestic safety arrangements have come to light after fellow online businessperson Drew Houston, the creator of web-based file-sharing service DropBox, recalled a modern visit to his home.

Mr Houston, 28, told Forbes journal that the guard stationed outside Mr Zuckerberg's assets caused him to consider the pitfalls of matchless success.

He said: 'I'm not sure I need to live that life, you know?'

The house is supposed to be a 5,617 square-foot property in the Crescent Park neighborhood - a suitable ten-minute drive from Facebook’s offices in Menlo Park.

The guards hired to defend Mark Zuckerberg’s 21st Street home possibly never expected that they would need somebody to protect them.

Though, that is what it has come to.  After weeks of irritation between mid-May and initial June, San Francisco Superior Court accepted a workplace violence confining order on July 8 against 61-year-old William “Gordon” Kinzer. On Tuesday morning Kinzer was halted for violating the order, according to a fellow citizen and friend. It was the 2nd time he has been arrested for violating the warning order, according to police.