One well-known ministry of petroleum and natural resources is the one found in the Government of Pakistan. This division was created in April 1977 prior to which it was part of the Ministry of Fuel, Power and Natural Resources.

The Ministry ensures the availability and security of sustainable supply of oil and gas for economic development and strategic requirements of Pakistan and to coordinate development of natural resources of energy and minerals.

To do so, the Ministry promotes exploration and fast track development of oil, gas and mineral resources even as they deregulate, liberalize and privatize these resources through structured reforms. The Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Resources is currently headed by Shahid Khaqan Abbasi.

Functions of the Ministry

1) Administration of Marketing of Petroleum Products Act 1974 and the rules made there on matters relating to federal investments and undertakings wholly or partly owned by the government in the field of oil, gas and mineral.

2) Facilitate the development of Petroleum and Mineral sectors

3) Research, development, deployment and the demonstration of hydrocarbon energy resources

4) Petroleum concession agreements for land, off-shore and deep sea areas.

5) Facilitation of import and machinery equipment etc. for exploration and the development of petroleum and minerals.

6) Policy guidelines and the facilitation of imports, exports, refining, distribution, marketing, transportation and the pricing of petroleum and petroleum products.

The Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Resources operates through divisions like:

Administration: Focus is on handling matters that relate to the personnel management and the general administration of the ministry.

It handles corporate affairs of the oil and gas companies, offer technical assistance for tours and training in Pakistan and get to coordinate the work that relates to the Petroleum and Natural Resource Committee on defense planning and the security of key points.

Development: This sector is responsible for all other matters (other than administration) relating to Policy Wing, Oil and Gas Development Company (OGDCL), SSGCL, HDIP, PARCO and PSO.

The functions comprise of infrastructure processing of oil and gas, approval and monitoring of development schemes and preparation of the development budget, budget speech, long-term plans and economic survey.

Mineral: Frames and updates the national mineral policy by the concerned Federal agencies while providing support to provinces to improve their regulatory laws and institutions in order to make them internationally competitive. This division scrutinizes and processes the mineral development schemes of federal agencies for approval and organizes and supports seminars on mineral resource development.

It also considers the applications for leases and licenses, regulate and monitor mining activities including the collection of royalties and negotiate mineral agreements while consulting the Federal Government.

These Federal Organizations assigned to develop mineral development include:

  • Pakistan Mineral Development Corporation (PMDC)
  • Saindak Metals Limited (SML)
  • Geological Survey of Pakistan (GSP)
  • Lakhra Coal Development Company Limited (LCDC)
  • Policy: This branch in the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Resources governs all matters of policy such as ECC, CCOI, ECNEC, Cabinet and the implementation of decisions. It also entails import of natural gas projects, privatization and foreign investment.