Long term car rental

Renting a car for long time is one very convenient way to have the freedom of moving, especially if you are somewhere for a while – couple of weeks or a month for example. All the major car rental services offer that kind of service to their clients and have different requirements; the prices are of course lower and the client takes full care of the vehicle – gas, cleaning and maintenance, during the period he use it.

The long term car rental is better choice if you have to travel around – it is cheaper that using taxi everyday and faster that taking two or three buses daily. Many people prefer monthly care rentals, because they save a lot of money- usually the prices are times lower, that these of a cab. Here are some of the Indian companies, which offer long term car rental services (though today all the car rental services offer it):

  • Formula Group is one of the Indian companies, which offers long term car rental services; also, they have the best prices on the market. The Indian company has large number of drives, which ensure that you will get all you need in time; the pickup is also ensured – fast and accurate. You may choose between 300 vehicles in the entire country, in the major cities; the car tracking system ensures the high security level, which is great advantage if you are foreigner. Find out more - http://www.formulacarrental.com/long-term.php.
  • Surdashan Cars – located in Mumbai, is high quality rental car service, which offer long term rentals of their vehicles. They offer customized long term car rental services, according the client’s requirements and very convenient conditions for one month and above. The company is the first on the market, which introduced “Self Drive Option”, but you can see it for you – here: http://www.sudarshancars.co.in/carsfor.html.
  • Car Rental Delhi is monthly based car rental service in the capital of India; the company has over 3000 vehicle to choose from; and offers very good and convenient conditions to their clients. They also ensure the basic client’s needs – like cold beverages, water, magazines, newspapers and other extras, along with complete First-Aid-Kit. You may check prices and conditions in their official page - http://www.carrentaldelhi.biz/monthly-basis-car-rental-delhi.html
  • Carzonrent – one of the largest car rental services providers in India also offers long term car rental to their clients – for one month and above, with very good prices, allowing them to save money. The company offers 24/7 service to their clients and over 6500 vehicles to choose from; you may book your car at their official pages - http://www.carzonrent.com/aboutus.php
  • Orix India – another company, which offers short and long term car rental services to domestic and international clients. They offer high class, luxury vehicles, along with standard class cars, too; experienced and intelligent drives are also available. The online and mobile reservations are available through - https://www.orixindia.com/RAC.aspx - you may find your favorite car model and to book it for the period you will need it.