Leftover chicken recipe

This recipe is all about using only four ingredients of which one is a precooked, shredded or chopped chicken that were left over to be consumed by your friends who attended the party. It is common in any household to cook a little more than required for feasting the guests and many a times the leftovers leave you with a dilemma whether to dispose it or refrigerate and reuse later. This recipe will become one of your most favorite recipes as you can prepare a dish with the leftover of not only chicken but also any kind of meat. The dish is so tasty when cooked, and with cheese added as an ingredient, will make you an addict not only because of its taste but it is so easy and quick to make it. You can prepare this dish ahead of your requirement time and bake it later to make a fast meal. As a choice of Cheese, you can buy and use shredded cheese that is available with a variety of taste or you can buy the cheese of your choice and shred it. With the help of this recipe, you can normally make eight enchiladas, and in case of any, left over you can always refrigerate, heat it up on the next day and use it. This dish is super creamy, cheesy and delicious and tastes nice.

Ingredients required

  • Chicken, precooked (may be shredded or chopped) three cups
  • Pepper Cheese, shredded
  • Flour tortillas, soft taco, medium sized
  • Salsa Verde, jar of 16 Oz

    Preparation method

    You need to first preheat the oven to about 350 degrees F

    You can use a baking dish about 9 x 13, which would be convenient for preparing this dish. Spray the dish with any cooking spray and then using a spoon lay a thin layer of Salsa Verde into the bottom of the dish. Take a shallow bowl and mix the chicken with a cup of Salsa Verde and a cup of cheese, and make it a mixture. Spoon about a 1/3 cup of the mixture in the middle of tortilla and fold the sides over. By placing the seam side down, keep it in the prepared baking dish. The remaining Salsa Verde is to be topped on the tortilla along with the shredded cheese. Bake the tortillas, uncovered, for about 25- 30 minutes until the tortillas become bubbly. Your chicken enchilada is ready to be served.

    General Tips

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