LasVegas hotels on the strip

Everybody knows of the Las Vegas Strip; the lights, the sights, the sounds and unhappily the crowds and the traffic. The house of big hotels with thousands of rooms like MGM Grand and The Venetian. Some of the finest dining to be found anyplace and high cost to match. World class entertainment. And also the casinos, with table games and slot machines as far as you can see. But when it came time to plan your holiday, staying off the strip can present some benefits.

A large number of the hotels and casinos situated off the Strip are referred to as 'local's casinos.' This is because of the fact that locals, persons who live and work in Las Vegas, do not frequent the Strip casinos that often. We wish to stay close to home and have found that lots of these casinos offer facilities similar to those on the Strip. And the most excellent part is the cost you pay for these facilities are less than what you would pay in the enhanced known casinos on the Strip.

If you wish to take in a show you maybe should head to the Strip. The single entertainment at Green Valley Ranch, as well the movie theaters, is the rare concert in the Ovation club or at Whiskey Beach. If you are look for something on the caliber of Cirque du Soleil or Celine Dion plan a dusk on the Strip and book your tickets well in advance.

Shopping in Green Valley Ranch does not approach close to the offerings on the Strip, but you can spend a nice peaceful afternoon at The District. Situated adjacent to the casino, The District has little shops and big name stores like Sharper Image and REI all in an outdoor setting. There are lots of restaurants nearly all offering outdoor terraces so you can have your meal under that warm Las Vegas sun.

If you plan on play some gambling during your stay one of the first things you have do is sign-up for their players club. The Boarding Pass, as they call it, gives you extra generous rewards than the casinos on the Strip. You can also sign-up before you leave home on their website. The rewards can add up fast and who don’t like a free meal?

When you are entering their website to sign-up for the player's club it should be worth your while to provide your email address. This can be especially advantageous if your travel dates are flexible or if you are not sure when you’re going back to Las Vegas. Periodically they will send you promotional offer for great package deal or special room rates.

Booking a hotel room off the Strip doesn’t mean you have to give up luxury, comfort or convenience. The Green Valley Ranch Resort is a best example of this. It does mean you can have all the advantages offered by the big-name hotels, such as Wynn Las Vegas or Bellagio. You can take that excursion to the Strip anytime, but you can also run away from the big crowds and retreat to a more comfortable setting. And the most excellent part, your pocket book will have a few cash in it so you can take pleasure in a few more hands of blackjack.