Jobs In The Petroleum Industry

Head-drilling Engineers:


Full time job

The candidate must have experience in drilling related companies for minimum 2 years experience in the engineering field. The candidate must have studies in petroleum industry and petroleum research. Excellent command in the computer literacy is also a plus.

Senior Drilling Engineer:

Qatar-full time job

They need an expert drilling engineer who must have 10 years experience in this field and also must have excellent how know and command at computer practically. The candidate must have to know how to train other employers in brilliant way. You must have qualification of technical support and drilling operations.

Reservoir Engineer for deeply drilling water:


Full time job opportunity

The Reservoir engineer must have brilliant one-source professional search for deepwater. You must have skills of petroleum engineering, reservoir engineering and petroleum-physicist and experience is a plus. Your responsibility will be to asset the members of your team to exploration in the deepwater. The reservoir engineer will be able to get high salary then other companies.

Senior Production Engineer:

US, TX- full time job

The candidate must have excellent skills and highly interested in Production engineer field, and must have bachelors’ degree of 3-5 years. You must have expertise in Rig, production engineering, intervention, petroleum and nodal analyzing. The ideal candidate must be able to design or maximize the performing of the production. Candidate must be able to solve complex projects with demonstrate ability.

Drilling Engineer:


Hourly job

The Worldwide Recruitment Solutions are in need of a senior drilling engineer with bachelor degree of 3 years. The candidate is responsible to do work at the offshore operations. The selected candidate will be expert in HPHT and professional offshore asset to do work at the offshore of Middle East. If you 10 years experience in this field and is degree holder of petroleum or mechanical engineer you are welcome to apply for. You can get $12,000-15,000/hour.

Staff Reservoir Engineer:

Oklahoma US

The mission of the Resource Development Group is to augment shareholder esteem by making business proposals focused around sound specialized assessments and financial matters. Our customer is searching for architects that function admirably both independently and have effectively substantiated themselves in multi-trained groups. The selected candidate will be experienced in petroleum and reservoir engineering with 10 years of experience in any large or small petroleum company.

Associate Scientist:

Cambridge US

The Sensor Physics Department is occupied with the improvement of new sensing innovations that work in the great conditions discovered down hole in oil wells. The hopeful will join our group of researchers to investigate principal science, create sensors focused around this science, and make elucidation to augment their application. The candidate must have 1 year experience in chemical and petroleum physics for approval and your qualification must be PHD & Doctorate engineering.

Senior Technical Supervisor:

Houston, US

You must have bachelors’ degree in chemical engineering with 20 years experience in processing engineering or LNG. Technical Supervisor’s responsibilities are to give professional guideline to the other team member of the company with more advanced techniques of the market to support the company.