The Journal of Petroleum Science and Engineering is a publication come to aid the scientists and the engineers who work in any field of the petroleum engineering, natural gas engineering and petroleum (natural gas) geology. The Journal is internationally open for access even as it endeavors to publish the latest advancements in petroleum science. Scholars from all relevant academic fields are invited to submit high-quality manuscripts for continuous updates to the journal.

Areas Covered

Fields covered by the Journal of Petroleum Science and Engineering include: exploration, production and the flow of petroleum and natural gas. The several topics under these fields entail subjects on:

  • Origin and accumulation of petroleum
  • Petroleum geochemistry
  • Reservoir engineering
  • Rock petro physics/mechanics
  • Mathematical modelling
  • Enhanced oil and gas recovery
  • Petroleum Geology
  • Asset management
  • Drilling and drilling fluids
  • Thermodynamics and phase behavior
  • Petroleum economics
  • Well- logging
  • Testing and evaluation
  • Marketing
  • Storage and transportation
  • Environmental protection and pollution
  • The topics mentioned above are just but a sample of the vast topics that the practitioners can write on. As they write, these researchers are advised to submit original and unpublished contributions majorly for novelty purposes. They are allowed to come up with researches, case studies, field process reports, symposia proceedings, and short communications and review articles. Once submitted, the papers get to be published with minimum publishing delay.

    The first publication was done in the year 2012 and several others have been improved from time to time.

    2015 Vol.4 Iss.1

    2014 Vol.3 Iss.4 Vol.3 Iss.3 Vol.3 Iss.2 Vol.3 Iss.1

    2013 Vol.2 Iss.4 Vol.2 Iss.3 Vol.2 Iss.2 Vol.2 Iss.1

    2012 Vol.1 Iss.3 Vol.1 Iss.2 Vol.1 Iss.1


    On acceptance of the different contributions, a compilation is made. This is however not immediately opened to every reader. It has to first undergo scrutiny from the reviewers to ensure that the journal’s published manuscripts are of high quality and of lasting value.

    For each paper that is submitted and reviewed exists four possible outcomes namely acceptance, acceptance after some minor revisions, a major revision and re-submission or total rejection. By so doing, only the intellectual and scientific content get to be published by SEP. Any infringement of professional ethical codes such as plagiarism and fraudulent use of data are taken very serious.

    When the paper is submitted by a contributor, the Editor –In –Chief (currently Dr. Shengkai Duan) forwards the paper to the experts in the field written on for review. Afterwards the Editor –In –Chief compares the reviewers’ comments and if two reviewers hold conflicting opinions, the Editor –In –Chief has to make the final decision i.e. accept, accept with noted changes or reject the article. The frequency of the publication is quarterly.

    The Journal of Petroleum Science and Engineering desires a future where they will be able to offer an online journal club for each. This will create a wider platform for commendation or critique from the peers.

    To acquire the book, one can go online and shop on the ‘amazon’ website. The single issue price for a printed version goes at $100.