Is Mark Zuckerberg autistic

As Facebook arranges to go public next week, 27-year-old Facebook creator Mark Zuckerberg is being analyzed for wearing his signature hoodie on his broadcast this week to pitch Facebook stock to probable buyers.

Securities expert Michael Pachter, who was the main issue a “buy” reference on Facebook stock, told Bloomberg Television that the hoodie is a sign of irresponsibility and a lack of seriousness about the business’s initial public offering which doesn’t say greatly for Zuckerberg as a CEO.

He says Facebook shares are a great buy for persons who believe in Zuckerberg & the social mission he has defined for Facebook.  But he warns short term savers, who might just be looking for a quick monetary return, to be wary of placing their money with Zuckerberg.

Former Facebook worker Yishan Wong has written an extended answer to the question on Quora: “Is Mark Zuckerberg a repressive chief executive with whom no one needs to work? Is he a discomfort to work with?

"If your assurance in your own abilities is self-generated and sensitively secure, and you are seeking somebody who will pose to your ever-greater challenges to overcome, than Mark Zuckerberg is an attractive good fit for you. Though, he is not there to "develop" you that are your personal job."

Here's the entire answer:

There are plenty of persons who are happy to work with Zuckerberg, however, there are also plenty who find it hard.

He is not some sort of perfectly charismatic person whose main qualification is that he's calm to get along with. Rather, he's a serious CEO with a monomaniacal focus on making Facebook prosper in its mission. This is not to say that he's mean he's a effortlessly nice guy on a own level; it's just that professionally, he is engrossed in getting it done, and has a limited patience for emotional fragility in the persons he needs to support him perform on that mission.

He does have a hint of the Asperger's; in my knowledge this is mainly manifested in that he does not offer much active feedback or authorization that he is listening to you. I have had numerous experiences where he will ask for my belief on something & even when we're the only two persons in the room, I wasn't sure if he had actually comprehended or liked about what I was saying (he doesn't do the normal "oh, all right!" or "hmm, I see!" that maximum persons do; he just listens, occasionally while looking away from you), until later when some plan change was announced that included some or all of my opinions. I think this leads numerous people to think that he's impolitely autocratic, but it turns out he is really listening all the time to anything that anybody is saying to him, but you will humbly not receive confirmation or credit until later when he announces his decision or decision, whereupon you can see that he has integrated whole his streams of info and advice together.