Is Friendship Between India And Pakistan Possible?

India and Pakistan have been unfriendly for the last 60 years. There is dangerous enmity between these two countries in the world. During cold war America and Russia have used India and Pakistan for their dominance. As a result the enmity between the two countries has increased more than before. Friendship between these two countries has remained only as a mirage. In spite of this India has been extending friendly hand to the Pakistan. But Pakistan has engaged in war against India for 3 times and receiving death blow without bringing any change in the attitude of Pakistan. Only for name Pakistan is a democratic country but practically there is military rule. Therefore Pakistan rulers are showing enmity for India. Unrest in the public of Pakistan against India is utilised by the rulers as a means against India.

It is unfortunate for India and Pakistan to be enemies each other when other countries are friendly among themselves in the world. Pakistan should be blamed first for this encouragement of terrorism in India. As a result of this lot damage is caused to the property and human life in India. Kashmir issue is not the only reason for the conflict between two countries as generally supposed. In addition to these things social, economical, Political and cultural factors there for this enmity. Therefore Pakistan is depending for its existence on the enmity with India and is surviving merely on this matter.

In these circumstances both the countries spending more on defence needs causing economic deficit in other fields. There is possibility of extensive damage to both the countries if nuclear weapons are used. Both the countries are in economic crises as a result of many other internal problems like corruption, illiteracy, unemployment, child deaths etc which should be more concentrated by both the countries to improve. It is unfortunate that India and Pakistan are not constructing friendly bridge when all other countries in the world are progressing on these items. Friendship between the two countries remains only as a dream if the above defects are not removed. Both the countries should avoid the above mention mentioned defects and participate in by bilateral discussions to improve their relationship and honestly conduct peaceful discussions. It is only an illusion to think that relations between the two countries will improve because of cricket, movies, bus travels etc. The friendly relations between the two countries would be possible only if the Pakistan’s attitude is changed. In the present conditions it cannot be expected that a change will come in attitude of Pakistan.