Indoor air conditioner

Indoor air conditioner as the name suggests is located within your house, workplace, store or anywhere else that consists of a building with an air conditioner situated inside it. There are many air conditioners and these include the window air conditioner, the portable air conditioner, the central air conditioner, the duct system and the split system air conditioners. These air conditioners have a few parts in common, the compressor, the condenser, the evaporator, the expansion valve and the drier or accumulator though they may have different names in different air conditioners. The medium used in all these systems to transport heat is the refrigerant which can sometimes change to gas when exposed to heat and revert back to liquid when cooled. The air conditioner that you get installed depends on the space and the efficiency you would like for your home.

The window air conditioners are installed on a window. They are also referred to as room air conditioners or wall air conditioners. They are basically used to serve small spaces and are known as unitary because all their components are located in a compact box. They are found on open windows so they need to be protected from adverse weather conditions. In large buildings each room will have its own air conditioner and they usually release heat to the outside while cooling the interior.

Then there is the PTAC air conditioner that has the evaporative unit on the inside and the condensing unit on the outside. This increases the efficiency of the system to altering the temperature of the room. It is most commonly found in hotel rooms where each guest gets to set the air condition of their room. This system can also be adjusted to specialize in delivering heat during the cold season. The only disadvantage is that it only works optimally in one room.

Then there is the split system air conditioner and it also has two interconnected units. These are the evaporative unit and the condensing unit. These two work in the same way as a PTAC system and the evaporative unit cools the inside while the condensing unit releases heat to the outside. The mini split system has the advantage over the PTAC and the window air conditioner as the condensing unit can be placed further away from the interior and is connected using pipes and these can be connected to serve several rooms. The efficiency of these system is also higher meaning you get quality air temperature control .However they are quite costly to install and to have the duct work done to have them look like metal pipes getting into the building.

Then the central air conditioner that serves large buildings and can be used to service all the rooms in the particular building.

When you want to select an installation type these are among some of the available options of air conditioners and they can only be used in the right space for them to be cost effective. Getting a bigger unit than you need will result in high costs of the energy bills as the system will keep turning on and off unnecessarily.