In India, Is The Field Of Medicine Available To Common Public?

‘Health is Wealth’ is Indian saying. India is one of the countries taking less care about health. People in India think their daily routine as more important in life than health. In this country people take care of their daily bread and clothing more important than health. Today medical treatment has become a costly affair. Therefore medical treatment to the common man has become unavailable. Though health awareness in the higher income groups is available, it is not so to the low income group.

As such Indian constitution as prescribed health has a right. That is why govt has setup hospitals for the common people. But medical service is not available to the common man in the expected degree. For this there are many reasons like politics, economic problems, corruption, lack of commitment in the staff, lack of proper facilities and lack of sufficient staff, lack of infrastructure etc. Because of non availability of facilities to the common man his financial growth is affected this also puts additional burden on the country’s economy. Many states in the country are implementing several schemes to implement these programmes like Rajiv arogya sri, Deendayal antyodaya upachar yojana, Sardar vallabh bhai free medicine distribution scheme, other medical insurance facilities,108 ambulance etc. To make available the medical facilities to the common man govt has to involve private agencies also in the remote area villages and also to reduce medical expenses. There is need to make available corporate hospital treatment in the smaller towns and villages also and to increase transport facilities also.

More researches and discoveries have to done in the medical field to improve the present conditions. A committee also has to be setup with medical experts and to create medical awareness in all the areas of the country. People like Baba Amte did great service to the common man like Leprosy patients. Because of non availability of proper medical treatment people are suffering from diseases like child deaths, delivery deaths, fatal deaths and also even small diseases. This is because of non diagnosis and identification of diseases in the beginning stage. Therefore there is every need to bring medical treatment to the door of common man and to avoid untimely deaths, child deaths and fatal deaths throughout the country there is every need to take all necessary steps to bring the above reforms.