What Are The Biggest Mistakes Done By India Which Caused Rupees Slide?

If India can send a rocket to mars, why can’t we manufacture a world class car? This is such a pertinent question in today’s world. At a time when we claim to be hugely progressing towards bigger glories, why can’t we match the international standards in a public utility object? Let us look deeper in the topic to answer the question.

The first motorcar to have ever travelled on the roads of India was in 1898. Thereafter the foreign countries realized the importance of long distance routes and the vast population of India, and urged the country to import more and more cars from them. An American company introduced a fleet of 50 taxis in 1903. But it was not until the mid 1940s when the Indians realized the country’s potential in establishing an automobile industry in India. Baby steps were first taken by Premier Automobiles Ltd. (PAL) and Hindustan Motors (HM). They continued to rule the industry till Mahindra and Mahindra decided to venture into the world of public utility cars.

In spite of the automobile industry being a revolutionary one, it was still not of an international standard. India’s favorite car, the Ambassador had drivers carrying an extra drive shaft. Discrepancies seemed to prolong in the world of automobiles for India.

Over the years, a lot of cars have been manufactured, but the standard always remained far below that of the other countries. Why can’t we actually build a world class car? Let us look into it now.

Indian cars, or whatever attempts have been made in the field of quality car production, have been nothing but a replication of foreign cars. We lack thinking out of the box because of our inherent tendency to follow and emulate others rather than thinking ourselves. We have been made to believe that the likes of USA, European countries, Japan, etc are superior to us and we should follow them. This thinking is a big hindrance in this regard.

India, as a country, has been keener on catering to necessities than luxuries. Most of the cars from the foreign countries are built to enhance luxury and comfort. But in India, this is treated more as a public utility vehicle. It is used mainly as a concept of regular travel than anything else.

Affordability is a big issue in this regard. Only a chunk of the society can afford to buy luxury cars. The lack of a proper market for these cars is a reason behind why we can’t produce these.

We could send a rocket to mars. There was huge intent in it. Probably the automobile industry has become content with its standard and does not have the intent or willpower to make it big.

Indian cars are mostly being manufactured under the supervision of foreign companies. Hyundai and Ford are doing well in their respective ways, but are not completely Indian. Maruti is solely intent on producing public utility cars. For these reasons, our automobile industry lacks luster and shape.