Idfc mutual fund application form

IDFC application form can be gotten from the official IDFC mutual fund official site. The following are some of the crucial details one will have to fill I this application form.

Step one

You will have to enter the existing folio number, the distributor code, sub distributor code and the Mo code. It is important to note that upfront commission will be paid directly by the person filling the form and should be a registered distributor.

Step two

You will have to fill in what the application is for. This can include application For, Lump Sum Investment ,Micro SIP or SIP, Zero balance fund. Micro Sip is for investors with less that Rs 50, 00 in one year

Step three

The name of the applicant should be dually filled, his/her date of birth. PAN should also be filled and proff of the pan be entered. KYC compliance should also be included. In instance when the investor would like to include more than one applicant, they have to keenly fill their details in the 2nd or 3rd part. The final part include name of the guardian who might also be the proprietor or the power of the attorney holder

Step four

This part includes the inclusion of the address of the applicant. This includes the p.o BOX, the city where he/she is based, state where they are based, the pin code/ zip. An oversee address should also be included.

Step five

The step includes the contact detail of the first holder. This is basically the contact of the person involved. Some of the details to be included include the telephone number of the office, for his home, mobile phone number, email, and fax. In this part, also the investor should dually fill in the mutual scheme name, the investor name, instrument number and the amount of money he/she would like to invest.

Step six

This includes the bank details of the concerned person. The name of the bank, the account number, account type, MICR Code, RTGS/NEFT Code. The investor should also indicate if they would like to receive a cheque as opposed to a direct credit to their bank

Step seven

This involves filling in investment detail such as payment type , scheme name , plan, dividend sweep option among any other related information

Step Eight

This includes filling in the start date, end date, frequency or investment among other related information.

Step nine

This includes filling in the nomination detail. Signature and the date of birth are plenty much very essential.

Step ten

This is the final step. It involves signatures from all the applicants and the POA holder