Signing a 2-year contract with a wireless carrier entails paying a subsidized upfront fee for the iPhone 4 its true cost spread over the monthly bills. A non-contract package requires that the full payment be made upfront making this option appear as expensive from the face value.

For instance, compare the following iPhone 4 prices when under the AT&T contract.

IPhone 4 16GB: $199 and $399 for an early upgrade

IPhone 4 32GB: $299 and $499 for an early upgrade

When making a purchase under the no-contract plan, the prices appear as:

IPhone 4 16GB: $599

IPhone 4 32GB: $699

With a no contract plan it is possible to:

- Upgrade the iPhone at any time e.g. from an iPhone 4 to iPhone 5

- Switch carriers to AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon or any other carrier

- Switch to an Android phone

As observed, the initial cost of the iPhone when no contract is signed is higher and may be quite demotivating. However, those wishing to own an iPhone 4 without contract must understand that they can cut the cost by not insisting on purchasing a brand new device.

Refurbished iPhones have for long been perceived as defective, less performing and of poor quality. This is however not the case as most of these phones are returned not because of their defectiveness but majorly for aesthetic preferences e.g. a customer might have purchased a black iPhone 4 but due to change in taste, desire a white one hence returning the black for a white iPhone.

Although minor scratches and dents may appear on the refurbished iPhones, the overall internal performance is usually still intact. Going for a refurbished choice does unload a heap of the no-contract cost burden since the devices in this category are less expensive compared to brand new ones.

Where to find an iPhone 4 for sale without contract

There are several areas where one can get the no-contract iPhone 4. These include:

  • Retail Sites
  • Amazon is the world’s largest online retail store. The site provides pretty much everything from old models to refurbished ones to new ones. The site is safe protecting from scammers and there is guarantee of receiving a full-functional iPhone 4 in your mail.

    E-bay has a money-back guarantee for both buyers and sellers in case a problem occurs. This makes the site relatively safe to use.

    Craigslist is also an option. All these sites can be sought out and their rates are reasonable.

  • Promotional Sites
  • There are websites offering information on iPhones at no cost at all. One can buy an iPhone 4 without contract from such sites.

  • Classifieds
  • In the classifieds it is very much possible to find genuine sellers selling iPhone 4 without contract. The sellers’ location can be chosen as being from within your location. In such a case, the features of the iPhone itself can be physically examined.


    The no-contract price does not necessarily mean that the iPhone 4 comes unlocked especially in the US: it just means that one is relieved from the normal 2-year service agreement with a chosen carrier.