How Would India Be If Netaji Was The First Prime Minister Of India?

Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose has been the leader of the nation. He has given all that he had to gain Independence. His sacrifices are incomparable and unparalleled. He has shed a lot of blood to make his country breathe feely. He always had the vision of Swaraj, that is, complete independence. He knew he couldn’t have done it all by himself and needed the support of the masses. He was an exceptional orator. Hence, with his speeches he made an attempt to arouse the nationalistic fervor among the people, he was quite successful in doing so.

He also implored the British to give in to their demands. He used important devices, such as manipulation and diplomacy to reach his goal. He had the amazing ability to foresight. He knew what he wanted for his country and got his men to work towards it. Passive resistance was not one of the tools he used to accomplish his tasks. He had a lot of conviction in immediate action which could be violent as well. He had a do or die spirit, that built the very foundation of our nation. If he hadn’t given the popular speech which said, “Give me blood and I’ll give you freedom”, then we would have never been a free country. We would still be bogged down by the shackles of British Raj.

Today, our country is facing pressing issues such as poverty, inequality, unemployment, female feticide, low GDP, gender inequality, harassment on women, etc. All these problems could have been dealt in a better way under his guidance. He had a very tactical mind that could logically reason out and in course of it, gave the appropriate solution to the problem. Hence, had he been the Prime Minister of India, the problems would have been a lot lesser. He would see the problem at once whole and get his effective team working to pave through it.

He would not keep anything for tomorrow, as he very well knew the significance of today. The first thing that he would have done would be to make the people of the nation feel passionate towards their nation. He would engrain the love for Mother India. This is very essential if you need to get the people working for their country selflessly and unconditionally. He had a bright vision for his country and he would do anything to convince the people into it.

Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose had outstanding Leadership qualities; if he were to lead the country then India would have progressed immensely. The best thing about him is that, he works with perfection and does not leave loopholes in between to be pointed out by the crowd. He would protect and uphold the integrity and dignity of the nation by not allowing anyone to malign it. He would make sure that in a country like India, the reputation of a woman is not sabotaged. He would do everything possible to make India a democratic one, in the truest sense of the term.