How to write to bill gates

Bill Gates is one of the most significant, well-known men in the world. We’re not speaking about the kind of “influential” that doesn’t affect your average life directly (or at all). Bill Gates along with Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and others have transformed technology in so, various ways it’s almost impossible to list them all.

Bill Gates, the originator of Microsoft, is well-known not only for being one of the richest guys on the face of the world, but one of the most generous. Whether you are looking for to write him concerning charitable contributions, new business thoughts or viruses with Microsoft software there is a way to contact him and his association through email, letter and contact number. Continue reading to see which is the best way for you to contact Bill Gates.

You can write Bill and Melinda gates foundation

Guided by the trust that each life has equal value, the Bill Gates & Melinda Organization work with assistance whole persons lead healthy, creative lives. In emerging countries, its attentions on improving person’s health & giving them the opportunity to lift themselves out of hunger and risky poverty. In the United States, it seeks to confirm that all people, especially those with the least resources have access to the opportunities they need to do well in school and life. Founded in Seattle, the organization is led by chief executive Sue Desmond-Hellmann & co-chair William Sr., under the way of Bill and Melinda Gates & Warren Buffett.

We're putting our trustworthiness, time, & money behind this bet & asking further to join us — because we think there has not ever been a better time to hurry progress and have a great impact around the sphere.

Several will say we're illogical to make this bet too. A skeptic would look at the sphere's problems and conclude that things are only getting worse. And we shouldn't lose prospect of the fact that some of the worst-off countries will stay to struggle.

But we consider the next 15 years will see main breakthroughs for maximum people in poor countries. They will be living longer & in better health. They will have unparalleled opportunities to get an education, eat nourishing food, and benefit from mobile banking. These innovations will be driven by innovation in expertise — ranging from new vaccines and stronger crops to much inexpensive smartphones and tablets and by innovations that support deliver those things to further people.


Send an email to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation at The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation manages the individual donations from the Gates household. To write to Bill Gates around philanthropic contributions or to inquire for a funding, this is the location to go. You can apply openly for a funding on the formation's website.

Contact Bill Gates over his FB page or his Twitter. While these are maximum likely maintained by staffs, your comment may finally make its mode to Bill Gates' devotion.

Write Bill Gates a note at his house location:

Bill Gates

1835 73rd Ave. NE

Medina, WA 98039.