How to get hotel discounts

Preparing for your next vacation or business trip can be a money-saving procedure. Whether you are travelling to a neighboring state for a quick getaway or anywhere more exotic, you can save money by taking discount accommodation and focus on the actions of your trip instead. 

Such accommodations which offer usual discounted rates can simply be found if you know where to find them. It doesn’t matter whether you are searching for a motel, budget hotel or even a luxury hotel – discounts are accessible by different accommodation types. By following the easy tips below, you can be guaranteed that you will not ever have to give the full price for any hotel stay yet again. 

Use coupon codes

Discount coupons are your most excellent thing in gaining you big hotel discounts. The hard copy version can be usually found in broadsheets, magazines, amusement directories or hotel coupon books acquire from welcome centres. Just tear them or cut them out and present them to the hotels winning check-in. 

The Internet is also a great resource for coupon codes. You should do a web search on coupon websites for your exact destination or selected hotel to acquire the coupon codes. Then, apply these codes in hotel reservation websites just after you verify your booking. 

Nevertheless, do pay close notice to the fine print as you may have to meet certain necessities before you can use the coupon such as you have to fulfill a least number of nights' stay. A little attempt on your part can thus go a long way in obtain substantial savings on your hotels. 

Last minute deals

If you are travelling at the last minute, probability is that you will get to take pleasure in last minute discounts from those hotels which are not completely booked during the exact time of your stay. This is because hotels might be worried to find guests to fill vacant rooms, especially through the off-peak travel season. 

Booking at the last minute would especially be suggested if you are flexible with your travel date and can thus travel through periods when these hotels are improbable to be overbooked. Just keep looking out for last minute hotels by the newspapers or online to have the benefit of the best deals. 


Sometimes hotels which are a little further from the main traveler attractions offer better discounts than those hotels which are nearer to these hotspots. Hence it pays to be more flexible and think other hotels a street or two away. You may now need to walk a little more or take public transport, but the discounts that you will get may even save your enough money for your next trip. 

Ask around

Asking around the place can also help you acquire information on which hotels offer the most excellent discounted deals. You can ask to your friends or relatives who have stayed at a discounted hotel about the deal on offer. 

You can also ask to the hotels themselves for any extra special rates or discounts when before examine in. There may also be some special discounts offered in combination with certain events or festivals, so be sure to ask to anybody who stayed in discounted hotel.