How to fix a boiler

If you have a boiler at home you are either a century old, inherited it from a centurion or are going green. Many people are. Especially in western countries like the United Kingdom, more and more people are buying boilers in exchange of their electronic water heaters and steamers. Boilers are considered more environment friendly as they can use renewable fuels.

Just like any other mechanical and electrical device, boilers do break down. Most of the time it is due to wearing out of its components due to age or just poor or lack of regular maintenance. Whatever the case, it is important to get it fixed by a professional. Regular servicing of your boiler is also recommended, at least twice in a year is good enough.

Some people opt to fix their own boilers by following instructions on the manufacturer’s manual, but unless you have an engineering background, it is advisable not to do so and instead seek the services of a boiler service. This is because severe injuries and even deaths have been linked to boiler accidents. This fatalities have often been attributed to overuse of boilers, faulty equipment and gas leaks, all linked to poor or lack of regular maintenance of these home essentials. That is why you should ensure your boiler is repaired by a qualified boiler service.

Boiler repair services are not expensive. Fixing a boiler in the United Kingdom ranges between 120 pounds and 700 pounds, depending on the size and extent of damage. Small, home boilers are not expected to cost much compared to bigger more technical’s models for factories and hotels. Off course the price varies depending on size, type and the kind of repairs to be done. The residence of the client is also a key factor as they tend to transport costs and their overall charge, especially if you stay too far out of their vicinity.

Alternatively, you can take a boiler insurance cover. This is an insurance cover that takes care of all your repair works .Most service companies have splendid offers. Just like any other insurance dynamics, You pay a certain amount of money monthly and it covers all your regular servicing and repairs. They get to replace your boiler incase it gets old or happens to break down completely and is beyond repair. Most companies in the United Kingdom charge about 20 pounds a month for the cover.

When fixing your boiler, the boiler service will check for the following.

  • They check the physical condition, whether there is rust or any damage to the physical part of the boiler,
  • Identify faults in the heating system,
  • Check main boiler components such as the heat exchanger and sensor.
  • They also ensure that there is no obstruction in the terminals, the all internal components are tightly sealed and the gas valve is in good condition and well adjusted. This goes a long way in preventing gas related accidents such as explosions.
  • At the end of the repair you will get service contract stipulating the service done on the boiler including the invoice. So you will only pair for what was repaired other than just general servicing. This rule helps to protect clients, just in case the boiler breaks down again when the service company claimed to have repaired it.