How could the Japanese and the Koreans care nothing about the English but yet can be a superpower

The problem with India has been that we have always tried to copy others and be enslaved to outsiders. We can blame that on the British for their occupation of over 150 years and the Mughals before them. But the same cannot be said for countries like Korea or Japan. For starters you have to understand that Japan have never been under foreign occupation per se. Instead the Japanese had occupied other countries including the likes of China. One thing that you need to understand is that both the Koreans and Japanese are tremendously proud of their heritage and language. The same cannot be said for a country like India, who has been robbed of the heritage.

The next thing that they realized is that in order to become a superpower you do not necessarily need to learn English and instead become self reliant. The Japanese are indeed a talented bunch as they have been able to create an empire when it comes to technology despite the fact that this nation was nearly wiped out during the latter stages of World War 2, all thanks to the two atom bombs being dropped on them.

One thing that has made them formidable when it comes to power is technology. They are the forerunners when it comes to technology. Brands Suzuki, Honda and Hyundai have become household names when it comes to vehicles. This high level of export has made their economy better which boosted their thirst to become a superpower. This is the reason why in the middle of the 20th century they could actually declare themselves as superpowers. Remember that they did all this without even relying a bit on English.

To the Japanese and the Koreans, their language are a matter of pride and if you want to go there then you should learn them beforehand, which is not possible in a country like India that thrives on the IT sector which caters primarily to the Americans, British and Australians. Moreover in order to become a superpower you need to make sure that you can build business which do not rely on whether you know English or not. In these countries businesses are thriving but the same cannot be said for the people of India.

The next thing that the country needs to be a superpower is that level of the government’s independence in general. Japan and Korea do not owe almost anything to the IMF in terms of debts which is a big plus for them in terms of being a super power; Whereas India has a lot of debt taken from IMF which makes them dependant on this body and is a blow in the bid to being a superpower.

The last thing that is a must for any superpower is their army which is a sum total of all the three spheres including ground, air and water capabilities. This is the only place where India can rival almost any country. The gist of the story is that you don’t need to depend on the English language to be a superpower; all you need is intent like Korea and Japan.