How To Seo A Website

Search engine optimization is a broad field that requires you to have enough know-how and skills to do it successfully. In this article, we are going to hear how to SEO a website in 4 steps to attain a higher ranking within the shortest time possible.


How to SEO the domain name

A domain name is a combination of numbers and letters to come up with an address that describes your business to your consumers. Your domain name may look like

If you are a beginner, and you have not registered your domain, it is advisable you search for a name that has one of the keywords you wish to rank for.

When choosing a name for your website evade the exact tie domains. In this step choosing the best domain name is the best thing you can do for your target market.

Step 2

How to SEO the page titles of your site

Each one of your web pages should have one title:

The title is mostly the post title in wordPress. However, they can be edited. The aim of the page titles is to inform search engines what your content is all about and if your content ties with your competitors’ content; search engines tend to believe in your work. So look for one or two keywords that you wish to rank for in here.

The title pages can also be the blue users’ text click on in the search engines result such as Google, Yahoo Bing, and others. And it should be enticing and engaging to attract traffic to click through. Each one of your web pages must have an outstanding title of the appropriate number of characters (failure to which it might not show entirely in the search engine results.

Step 3

How to SEO the keyword density for your site

Keyword density is the percentage of the times the phrases you are trying to rank for are displayed in each one of your web pages. This means that if your keyword is ‘cars’ and appear two times in 1oo words of your content your keyword density is 2%.

You should make sure that your keyword density does not go beyond 6%, and it is not less than 2 %.This will make your web content not to appear too junky and be easier to read and understand. When doing all this, you should be aware that the major search engines such as Google know when you use different words with the same meaning like’ vehicle’ and ‘cars.' Always make sure that all your keyword phrases appear automatically within the main text content of the web pages.

Each one of those steps is vital when you are doing search engine optimization for your site. There are other steps to follow to SEO your site successfully. Read more articles from our site and you will fully understand how to SEO a website and achieve your entire goal in within a short time.