How To Host A Website For Free

Thousands of people are asking the same question every day. I suppose even ‘you’ who is reading this article has the desire to find out more about ‘how to start a website for free’. There are different tools available online that will only cost you time but not money. However, the first step to creating a website is the need to have a domain name and a hosting account readily available. These two are a requirement for web hosting, and you must pay some money to obtain both. You can pay approximately $10 annually for a domain name and $5 for a web hosting account for every month. We already understand that you needed to do it for free, but to get your website online to the public you have to pay some cash at the start.

Then after you have your domain name and hosting account ready, you need HTML editing software. There are many online software that you can download for free. For instance, I usually use Kompozer, which is free HTML editing software. Download the editing software to your computer and begin developing a website. Editing software is simple to use, and you will gain the skills that are needed to develop a website. It might seem scary at first if you have never found interest in coding, but the idea is, all skills can be learnt. So, if you want to do web hosting for free, you must be prepared to learn the skills on how to create your own website.

The second requirement is File Transfer Protocol (FTP) ‘client’. The work done by this FTP client is to transfer files from your device to your hosting account. For example if you have some images on the desktop of your machine, and you need to move them to your web hosting account, this is the work of the FTP assistance. The FTP’s job is to move files from your computer to the internet. I use the Filezilla, for free. But you are allowed to make your choice of FTP software. You can download the FTP client to your desktop and then you transfer the files from your desktop to your online website. It takes some time and patience for you to get used to this, so don’t give up.

To develop a website for free, you must find the two tools, plus the domain name and your hosting account. This is the trip to getting your website to the internet for free. Do not stick with the software indicated in this article, there are many to download and use. Thus, you can choose whichever you are comfortable to work with.

As things are getting tight and the economy becoming worse every day, you have to find alternatives to save some money for the more pressing needs. But, getting things completely free is not so easy, you have to spend some money to get what you want.Pay less to get what you want in the long run.