How To Get A free Laptop.

You are in dare need to get a laptop but back in your mind you know that the economy of your pocket cannot allow you to own a laptop, what do you do then? Do you give up and leave the laptop for those who can ‘’easily’’ afford it. Will you fight your way to get it? Ownig a laptop in this modern age of technology is one of the most prestigious thing in the course of your life. Different group of people do need this laptops for their personal use, business purpose, gaming, studies for students, research for proffessors, presentation, data storage for government, weather forecasting and news broadcast.

Getting yoursel a free laptop is not the hardest thing. The question to asked before earnig this free laptop would definitely be how to obtain this free laptops.You still wondering how you can get one.Do not let that be a bother. There are various way or channels to get a free laptop.If one channel closes then you have a chance of playing with the other channel. The ball is in your hand. One such way of earning yourself a free laptop, if you are a student, is by utilizing the free laptops funded by the government. Such can be the situation in Rwanda wherethe government under His Excellency Presiden Paul Kagame, came up with the One Laptop per Child project which has seen students from different social background benefiting from this free laptops offered by the government.Similarly the UK government has pledged to provide free laptops for students and especially those coming from low income families. This follows the assertion by Gordon Brown, the British Labour Party Politician who was the prime minister of the United Kingdom and leader of the labour party from 2007 until 2010. Gordon Brown has promised free laptops and broadband access to 270,000 low income families, as the Government looks to narrow the digital divide[footnoteRef:1].The scheme is to be backed by a £300 million investment, and comes as the Government pushes schools to make reports on children available to parents online. The idea was first mooted in 2008 by former schools minister Jim Knight, but will be enshrined in the Children, Schools and Families Bill 2009/2010. [1:]

"We want every family to become a broadband family, and we want every home linked to a school. It will mean all families can come together, learn together and reap rewards together[footnoteRef:2].’’ [2: Gordon Brown telling the atendees of international education forum.]

Other ways of earning yourself laptop is through grant. In refernce to UK, At the start of 2010 the government's Home Access Grant made available 270,000 grants for low income families with children living in England (there were no plans to provide the scheme in Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland) for internet access at home[footnoteRef:3].Further you can earn a free laptop through competition and promotions. An example is the Ericcson Free Laptop Promotion for their brand promotion.You can also enter a free laptop competition to earn yourself a free laptop, HP Laptop competitioncan be the ideal place to start. [3:]